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Installing decorplastics interlocking panels

What all do you need to install the panels? Do you just use Liquid Nails for Bath?...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post September 26, 2012

I have KNCA cabinets, one of the doors is damaged, need to find replacement. Where please? Thanks...

Number of Responses 9 Date of Last Post October 1, 2012
Re-texturing my walls...

My home was textured with Spanish style texture before we purchased it. When we moved in, a friend with know-how helped us texture the house, but after 4 years I'm realizing it's not exactly what I was hoping f...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post August 15, 2012
Drywall estimate

I've spoken with a local drywall handyman to obtain an estimate of replacing the drywall on the ceilings of 11 rooms in my home. He suggested since the drywall was installed in 1978 and not very well, that I c...

Number of Responses 11 Date of Last Post July 7, 2012
The average cost of finishing a basement with a movie theater

I am looking to finish my basement in phases. I would like to frame and rock out the basement. I would like to completely sound proof the basement. I want to put a bath and a half in the basement with a wash...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post January 2, 2013
What is the average cost for finishing a basement?

My husband and I are trying to plan and budget for a basement renovation that is around 1000 sq ft and will include framing, drywall, flooring (laminate or carpet...not sure yet) and a two piece bathroom. I...

Number of Responses 13 Date of Last Post January 17, 2014
Difficult clients

Hi I have a very good track record with my construction company. Work always gets performed to the best of my ability and trust, honesty and goodwill is what has built my business. As well as consistently co...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post January 17, 2013
Installing a floor warming

Can you place the warming system directly on the wood sub floor. It is a existing bath room and I would like to avoid raising the floor height. Thanks...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post February 25, 2013
Sagging 2nd floor and wet basement floor

Planning on buying a home in Brooklyn, House is approx. built in the 1920's, 16x36, 1 family, semi detached. After a walk thru and a home inspection a few major problems were noted. 1) On the 2nd floor, the...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post May 4, 2012

I am going to have a roof installed. What are the pros and cons of Turbines and Vents that go on the crown of the house? Which do you think is better and which one do you recommend?...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post April 17, 2012
Cost estimate for new forced heat system? New water heater? New plumbing?

I'm looking at a property that is roughly 800 sq. ft. Need to know what size/estimate on cost for new heater. The house is set up for forced air I believe. Cost on new water heater. Cost for new plumbing. C...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post April 17, 2012
Do you think brick with ledgestone would look ok?

I am thinking of applying ledgestone on my rancher. It is mostly brick. Do you think it would be too much?...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post March 29, 2012
Cement dust in living space?

I had my cement block foundation replaced with a poured foundation,and it was done in the winter. I was told I could stay in my home, during renovation. I also was told,that the heat would be on. First off,...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post March 10, 2012

I'm wanting to get my home improvement license. Not contractors license. I cant find anything about a test I would need to take. I found out how to get a test just not whats in the test its self. Please help! I...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post February 23, 2012
Turning a 4 car garage into a living/workshop space.

We have a 4 car stand alone garage, we would like to finish it. Right now the inside looks like a skeleton (if that makes any sense). We would like to make it semi liveable ie. water, more electric, walls. ...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post February 8, 2012
Converting kerosene heater to diesel or mix

I have a monogram kerosene heater (1957) that i want to convert to either a diesel or diesel/kerosene mix, but i can't find any info on-line on whether or not it can be done successfully. Can you provide any i...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post December 11, 2011
Interior Door Extensions

I had a new interior door hung last summer and the contractor installed jamb extensions on the wrong side of the jam on the hinge and strike side. What is the correct side to install jamb extensions? ...

Number of Responses 6 Date of Last Post January 30, 2017
In Floor Heating Over Concrete Slab

Hello, I want to put in floor heating in my mud room which has a concrete slab for a floor. I am worried about heat loss into the concrete and condensation because two of the four walls are exterior walls an...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post November 7, 2011

Is it necessary to put down a waterproof membrane on a dry cellar in Maine?...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post June 12, 2012
Fireplace Insert And Venting

My fireplace is butt ugly featuring sad looking bricks with brass doors that no longer function. It has a functioning gas line and I would like to convert this wood/gas fireplace into a gas fireplace only. I wa...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post October 16, 2011

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