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America's Best Home Improvement Resource.

Since 2004, American homeowners have used TrustedPros (formerly HandyAmerican) to find and hire the finest contractors for their home improvement projects. Our simple yet powerful search feature helps you find tried and trusted contractors in your area. View their TrustRank, read their reviews, and hire the right contractor that will do a perfect job the first time. No messed up projects, no time wasted, no headaches!

Most contractors listed on TrustedPros website have their TrustRank, customer rating and reviews prominently displayed on their profiles. This makes TrustedPros the most dependable contractor hiring resource in America. We urge you to use the TrustRank in conjunction with customer rating/reviews and the Hiring Guide to maximize the probability of hiring a competent, trustworthy professional the first time.

It’s All About Your Trust

Ever since its inception in 2004 TrustedPros has been about you the consumer and your ability to trust this site and the contractors you'll find here. 

Our concerns are the same as yours – finding reliable and honest professionals you could trust with your most valuable resources; your home and your family's safety and comfort. Soon we realized that honest recommendations come from people just like you who have had experiences, good and bad, with those who did their home improvements or building projects. What better way to find a good contractor than reading reviews from those he or she has worked for?!

While building TrustedPros, however we realized there had to be a way to take the screening process one step further to ensure your satisfaction and eliminate false recommendations. From the very beginning, with your trust in mind, TrustedPros has taken a pro-active approach when allowing contractors to be accepted for listing and making sure reviews are real:

  • The reviews you see on TrustedPros are screened. Any contractor without existing negative ratings who falsely posts reviews will be barred from this site and a notice will be placed on the profiles of contractors with negative reviews informing you of suspicious and/or false activity. Rather than being a simple "connection point" or advertising channel for contractors, this site's intention is to offer you truthful reviews so you can make informed decisions.
  • We cannot guarantee that all reviews posted are from real customers however, since our process of review verification is so stringent we are confident in delivering the most complete and reliable resource for contractor reviews available online today.
  • Your friends and neighbours – and ultimately you – have the ability to rate your experiences with contractors quickly and easily for six criteria (plus personal comments); timeliness, cleanliness, budget, quality, communications and courteousness. This gives you insight into the complete package any contractor brings to your home.

Trusted AND Professional

Thanks to your friends and neighbours and the rigorous review precautions we've put into place, we have grown into the most respected site for connecting you with professional contractors. This includes those in the plumbing, electrical, roofing, kitchen remodeling or any other building field you can think of, including general contractors, HVAC pros and many more.

With the trust that our site has come to be recognized for, contractors – the really good ones – are the ones who want to be listed here. 

With 48,205 Contractor members, 13,485 carefully screened reviews $210,291,200 in posted projects and 1,000's of home and garden articles, tips and discussions, TrustedPros is consumers #1 source for finding reliable contractors and home improvement advice.

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