General Review Guidelines

Your experience with a contractor or business listed on TrustedPros is important to our visitors and the contractors listed. Your opinion, favorable or unfavorable, will help others in their evaluation of home services and home improvement businesses. We encourage you to tell us what you think. It's quick and it's easy, and you'll be helping the entire community!

Who Can Leave Reviews

The following individuals are entitled to post a review about their experience on TrustedPros:

  • A consumer who has hired a company or individual
  • A consumer who has had a company or individual perform work on their property
  • A consumer who has signed a contract with a business or individual
  • A consumer who has completed a financial transaction with a business or individual

Consumers cannot write reviews for pre-sale activities such as bids, proposals, missed appointments, negotiations or other activities for which there was no charge or contract provided or work was performed.

Consumers may not write a review while in the presence of the business or the individual for whom the review is about.

What Information Is Required

  • First and last name.
    Review authors must provide their first and last name. Your name must be recognizable and familiar to the contractor or business whom you are reviewing.
    Only your first name and city of residence will be displayed in your review.
    TrustedPros does not accept anonymous reviews.
  • Valid email address
    Your email address will remain private and will never be posted online. Your privacy is our top priority! For more information please see TrusedPros' Privacy Policy.
    A valid email address is mandatory for review verification. It also helps us contact you if there is an issue with your review submission.
  • Postal Code and City

Who Can Not Leave Reviews

  • Minors
  • Anonymous users
  • Persons who did not have a financial transaction with, signed contract with, or had worked performed by a contractor or business
  • Persons who are paid to leave an endorsement
  • Contractors or businesses who are writing a review on behalf of their client
  • Persons who pose as a qualified consumer, or submits a review on behalf of a qualified consumer
  • Persons who have a personal or business relationship with the company or its owners may not write a favourable review for a contractor or business.

What’s Not Allowed

Basically, we don't allow bad behavior. Bad behavior includes:

  • Obscene or distasteful content
  • Profane or spiteful remarks
  • Content which might be considered defamatory, blasphemous, racist or incendiary

TrustedPros reserves the right to delete or make changes to a review with or without cause. It is our intention to solicit honest, factual reviews that inform our audience without infringing on the rights of others.

We welcome your thoughts and encourage you to take a moment to post a contractor review!

Tips for Writing Helpful Reviews

  • Include the reason. Most reviews start out with "I liked" or "I didn't like." To make the review meaningful include the "why" behind your opinion. Be as specific as you can and provide factual examples.
  • Not too short – not too long. "ABC Company was great" doesn't really tell anybody anything. We have a 100 character minimum requirement to make sure the reviews carry a little meat on their bones. On the other hand, nobody wants to read the equivalent of "Moby Dick" so we have a maximum character count of 4,000.
  • Be sincere. We don't want you to sugar coat your reviews. If there were pros and cons please list them, but please make them based on your experience and stick to the facts. The more firsthand information our visitors can get the better they can make decisions.
  • Be specific. Always include information about your project and how the contractor executed it. This helps you back up your claims. Do not include hearsay information. Your review should focus on your direct experience with the contractor, company, or service.
  • Be fair. Do not write a review that attacks a person for who they are, what they look like, or what their character is like. Review their service in a charitable way that would not be misconstrued for libel. Always remember that a consumer review has a real effect on a person's livelihood.
  • Be helpful. Always write with the intention to help others. Your feedback will help homeowners understand if the contractor is the right fit for their unique job or not. Polite constructive feedback will also help a company improve their service in the future. 

We welcome your thoughts and encourage you to take a moment now and post your review.

Attention Contractors

All reviews MUST be submitted by your clients.

Any contractor attempting to submit a false review or, a review on behalf of their client will have their public profiles flagged to show their attempt to post deceptive reviews and/or penalized with restricted access to leads and lowered ranking in our directory. This includes getting friends and /or family members to submit false reviews for your company and contractors posting false reviews against competitors.

The purpose of this review system is to retrieve honest feedback from consumers to help others with their contractor selection and hiring process. In addition to being a violation of our terms of service and an unethical practice, posting fake reviews may constitute a deceptive marketing practice and may be prohibited by applicable laws, including section 74.02 of the Competition Act. Such violations may result in fines of up to $750,000 for individuals or up to $10,000,000 for corporations. Please click here for more information.