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PLEASE NOTE that the Terms and Conditions of Use contain limitations of liability affecting your rights and remedies and also provide that your profile and any associated reviews, ratings, feedback, comments, anecdotes and the like, will remain on this Website even after you terminate your account.


TrustedPros Inc. takes great pride in the standard of excellence it has adopted and implemented with respect to the trustedpros.com website (the “Website”). A core component to the success we have achieved is intrinsically tied to the promotion of ethical and professional conduct.

By becoming a member of this Website, you hereby agree to adopt, implement, follow and be bound by this Ethical and Professional Code of Conduct (“Code of Conduct”) in its entirety and to abide by its rules and principles in carrying on business.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that members provide a high level of quality and integrity in the delivery of services and, in conjunction with the foregoing, that members implement sufficient quality control measures and client relationship management best practices to provide first rate services to their customers, including project owners who are users of this Website.

Members who violate this code of conduct risk immediate termination of their membership to this Website and any affiliated website and/or service.

Your commitment

By using this Website and any related service, you agree to the following:

  • you will honour all obligations and commitments to project owners, employees, and suppliers.
  • you will not post testimonials with respect to you, your business and/or your services, or provide any financial or any other form of incentive for someone to post any testimonial on the Website.
  • you will ensure that all credentials, license particulars, photos, and other information displayed on the Website are, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and legitimate.
  • you will interact in a positive, courteous and professional manner with other members;
  • you will maintain a high level of integrity in conjunction with any and all business dealings;
  • you will not abuse trustedpros.com's platform to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behaviour. This includes but is not limited to: publication or dissemination of text, pictures, videos, and/or audio recordings (or other communications) that contain libellous, slanderous, abusive, pornographic, obscene, offensive, racist, hateful or defamatory content.
  • you will maintain and respect the privacy of all customer contact information (and any other customer personal information);
  • you will take proper steps to ensure the security and integrity of the customer's home when undertaking a project.
  • you will ensure that all advertising and sales literature is truthful, complete and accurate, and is free from misleading statements and false claims.
  • you will not challenge any customer review on false grounds or pretenses, or in reliance of or in conjunction with certain facts that you know are false, incomplete and/or misleading.
  • you will ensure that any contract you prepare or have prepared is free of ambiguities and free of any omissions that may obscure the exact nature and/or scope of either party's rights and obligations. After you enter into a contract, you promise to honour your obligations and terms of such contract to the best of your ability.

Sanctions for Violations of Code of Conduct

If you are found to be in violation of any one or more of your obligations under this Code of Conduct, your membership to this Website or any other website or service of TrustedPros Inc. or its affiliates, may be suspended, restricted, terminated or made conditional upon implementation of certain remedial measures and/or provision of certain undertakings, all of which shall be determined by TrustedPros Inc.'s in its sole and unfettered discretion. 

Without limitation to the other remedies available to TrustedPros Inc. or its affiliates, in the event any suspected non-arm's length or non-authentic comments, feedback, testimonials or reviews are posted, TrustedPros Inc. may also disclose such fact to other members, customers and/or other users of the Website and include the foregoing as part of your profile, as part of an editorial to those comments, feedback, testimonials and/or reviews and/or as part of a warning with respect to any and all comments, feedback, testimonials and/or reviews relating to you.

You agree that you have no recourse whatsoever against TrustedPros Inc. or any of its affiliates with respect to any decisions made by or sanctions imposed by TrustedPros Inc., including, without limitation, any reimbursement or credit in terms of any membership fee or other amounts paid to TrustedPros Inc. with respect to the Website or any affiliated website or service.

All decisions made by TrustedPros Inc. with respect to compliance to this Code of Conduct are final and are not subject to any appeal.

TrustedPros Inc. may, in its sole discretion and from time to time, make changes to this Code of Conduct.  Notice of any such changes will be posted on the main webpage of the Member section of the Website.