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Why Should I feel confident about TrustedPros’s ability to help fill my project needs?

We understand what makes a successful homeowner. Aside from our professional business prowess and commitment to provide project owners with the best contractor matchmaking services possible, like you, we are homeowners.

We appreciate the unique challenges faced by today’s homeowners. The need for structural expansion and/or upkeep. And the need to protect investment in, and market value of, real estate property. We also know the importance of reliable, quality contractual services for property remodeling and renovation purposes.

Our customized matchmaking service helps homeowners converge with professional contractors with expertise in over 140 home-related services. And our continually updated collection of helpful articles arm homeowners with pertinent information, including:

  • How to outline project requirements
  • How to select the right contractor
  • How to interview contractors
  • How to draw up a project contract
  • How to settle disputes with contractors

How long has TrustedPros been servicing homeowners; how effective have you been?

Launched in December 2004 as HandyCanadian and changed to TrustedPros in July of 2013, TrustedPros not only continues to research new construction and homeowner need trends. We closely network with various related groups and organizations – local and otherwise, to provide homeowners with the most up to date information and resources available. And, we constantly monitor homeowner-to-contractor matchmaking success. The results? A proven track record you can count on!

What cities are serviced by TrustedPros?

TrustedPros has active members that service all major metropolitan areas and most communities throughout Canada.

How much does this service cost project owners?

TrustedPros is completely FREE for all homeowners to use and post their projects.


What kind of help is available through the contractors listed on TrustedPros?

Our network of contractors includes professionals skilled in more than 140 home-related project areas. Providing services for everything from changing light fixtures to complete kitchen renovation; from housecleaning services to new construction. No job is too big, or too small.

How does TrustedPros match me with the right service provider?

Homeowners are provided a unique experience at TrustedPros. User-friendly tools are made available without charge, to post home renovation and other project requirements online.

Our innovative matchmaking program matches the homeowner’s location and project requirements to qualified contractors with expertise in that area. Our exclusive lead-generation service alerts each service provider candidate via electronically transmitted messages. They in turn have the option to contact the homeowner and place a bid on the project.

After posting a project online at TrustedPros am I obligated to hire a responding service provider?

Absolutely not! We help connect you with qualified professionals in your area, with experience that matches your project description. But the choice of whether or not to hire any contractor is entirely up to you.

How can I know I’m getting the right service professional for the job?

At TrustedPros, we help take the guess work out of what type service provider is your best choice, and how to select the right contractor for the job. In addition to listing each service provider’s merits on their profile page for you to cross-check, we offer reviews that are meticulously screened to help ensure they're posted by real clients - real people.

We also offer free access to helpful articles found only at TrustedPros that will point you in the right direction:

  • How to critique contractors
  • How to select the right contractor for the job
  • How to effectively interview contractors
  • How to draw up a project contract
  • Importance of building code regulation requirements
  • Contract/contractual labor terminology
  • How to settle disputes with contractors
  • How to help ensure the job gets done right
  • What to avoid in a contractor

And other articles designed to help cut through the confusion and red-tape associated with locating and hiring a suitable contractor. We also have a Ratings & Reviews section. Testimonials from past clients, stating whether or not they were satisfied with the services rendered by member contractors.

TrustedPros cannot guarantee that information listed on service provider profile pages is 100% accurate. It is each member service provider’s responsibility to supply accurate information, and to keep his or her profile up to date. And it is the homeowner’s responsibility to validate that information by screening it prior to hiring any contractor, listed with our service or not. It's important for you, the consumer to do your own due diligence.

We care about our homeowner members, and do not want them hindered by a false sense of security. Information provided by contractors at the time of membership can change at anytime and become obsolete. This is why we do not prescreen our contractor members.

Homeowners are encouraged to take the initiative. Before hiring any contractor, check out important information: current licensing, insurance, membership status in professional organizations, etc. Make sure that the information provided is still valid.


What are Ratings & Reviews?

One of the most important services we offer our members is the valuable “word of mouth” feedback from homeowners. For each project description placed at TrustedPros, you’ll be asked to submit a Ratings & Reviews survey for the service provider you selected to complete the job.

Providing this valuable information will help other homeowners make their service provider selection. You will also contribute to the quality control at TrustedPros, and help “raise the bar of excellence” of member contractors.

When do I submit a Ratings & Reviews survey?

At your convenience.

Why are Ratings & Reviews so important?

Information provided by Ratings & Reviews forms the cornerstone of the high-quality online neighbourhood we are building. Ratings & Reviews help us keep track of the quality of service provided by our member contractors. It also provides valuable information that benefits other homeowners.


What is “My Account,” and how do I use it?

The “My Account” feature is your personal web space at TrustedPros, provided free of charge. A secure section where you keep your profile information. From your account you can:

  • Add your address, phone number, or e-mail address to your personal profile
  • Update your profile information at any time
  • Post and manage job details
  • Communicate with member contractors

Does TrustedPros visit door-to-door?

TrustedPros does not engage in door-to-door solicitation of any manner. If someone comes to your home claiming to represent TrustedPros, we encourage you to immediately contact your local police department and/or the local anti-fraud agency.


What if I change my mind during a project and want to cancel a contract?

The decision to end or alter a project must be worked out between you and the service professional you hired. Expect to pay for work completed and materials purchased up to that point.

To help avoid misunderstandings that could result in a project’s termination, specific project information should be detailed in a formal contract. This would include: project description, materials to be used, start and finish dates, other project particulars, and any agreements between the project owner and service professional. The contract should be signed by both parties.

If a problem still develops, be sure to visit TrustedPros and complete the Ratings & Reviews survey.

What can I do to help maintain the high level of excellence that TrustedPros wants its contractors to provide?

Post as complete a project description at TrustedPros as possible to help insure responding bids are accurate. Read the informative articles on how to select and conduct interviews with contractors; these are designed to help you hire the right service provider for your project.

Complete a Ratings and Reviews survey after your project is completed. This short survey provides important feedback for other consumers. It also serves as a useful reminder to member contractors to maintain quality service at an affordable price.

Of course, TrustedPros welcomes homeowner comments, complaints, or concerns at any time. So, please…don’t be a stranger!

Will TrustedPros immediately cancel a service professional’s member status upon receiving a customer Complaint?

Project owner feedback is always welcome, and vital for quality-control purposes. However, as with any grievance process, we must evaluate each complaint from both sides; that of the service provider as well as the project owner.

We have found that many times an unpleasant experience is the result of a simple misunderstanding between the two parties. A misunderstanding that can, in time, be worked out. However, we do reserve the right to remove offending contractors from our network when we notice a negative trend.


What criteria must a service professional meet before becoming a member of the TrustedPros network?

To keep our services free to homeowners, our screening process is minimal. Contractors are asked to provide accurate experience and licensing information. They are expected to keep information on their profile page updated.

It has been our experience that pre-screening this type information gives homeowners a false sense of security. It would make them not question information found on provider profile pages, even though that information might have changed since the time of initial membership.

By advising homeowners to validate member service professional’s licensing, insurance, and references themselves, we enable them to make better hiring decisions. This helps to ensure project success. And homeowners have the peace of mind that the member service provider information is 100% accurate.

What is the difference between a licensed service professional, and a non-licensed service professional?

Licensing means that the service professional has been authorized by the province or local government to work within his or her trade or profession. Licensing requirements vary province-to-province; not all trades or job sizes require a license.


How does TrustedPros realize compensation if this is a free service?

TrustedPros services are free to homeowners. Service professionals pay an advertising fee to participate in TrustedPros’s network. Each service provider fills out a profile, specifying the type of work they do, areas of expertise, and geography they serve.

TrustedPros provides lead generation services; new customer leads that match the service professional’s criteria. The service professional pays a subscription fee to access the leads.

What can consumers do to make sure they do not overpay for home service projects?

Project owners should pay close attention to bids and contracts. Take note of bid details, and what the bid amount covers. Project requirements, materials used, and agreements between the project owner and the service provider should be detailed in the contract.

Never count on verbal agreements. If something is unclear to you, ask questions; get everything in writing. Both the project owner and the service provider should sign the contract; each retaining a copy for future reference.


How do I know my personal information is secure?

TrustedPros takes your security seriously, and thus selected to secure your personal information using SSL (secure socket layer) technology and secure server software. SSL is the industry standard for protecting web communications today. The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication and message integrity.

A secure server is the software used to navigate the Internet and has been created to encrypt, or scramble, all information until the authorized recipient can unscramble it. Information is scrambled by a mathematical formula using 128-bit encryption - the highest level generally available today.

When you are viewing any Web page, a lock icon near the lower-right corner of the window informs you whether the entire contents of the page is protected by encryption while it is being received by your computer:

Closed lock icon, like on the images displayed below - means that the page is protected by encryption. Open or broken lock icon - means the page is not protected by encryption.

The latest version of Windows Internet Explorer displays the lock icon in the upper right corner of the browser window.

By inputting information into secure online forms, only the intended party is allowed to translate the encoded information. Again, most browsers have secure forms built right in, but to be sure, always look for the locked padlock symbol on the bottom bar or top corner of your browser window or a change in the address line from "http" to "https" to ensure that a site is running in secure mode before you enter sensitive information.

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