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We ask anyone contributing to the Ask the Pros forum to work within the guidelines stated below. Thanks for your cooperation!

Canadians rely on the Ask the Pros Forum as a resource for home improvement advice and insight. The TrustedPros team values every conversation in the forum just as much! That's why it's important to maintain the forum's value for all readers and contributors. We ask anyone contributing to the forum to work within the guidelines stated below. Thanks for your cooperation!

Keep your posts family friendly.

Language within the forum must be kept appropriate for all audiences. Please refrain from using profane, blasphemous, racist, incendiary, or indecent language. All posts must use respectful, positive, courteous, and friendly language with the intention to help all audiences. We only accept submissions from writers of 18 years and above.

Any post that may be interoperated as offensive and indecent will be removed.

Keep your posts relevant.

Please keep in mind that our forum is not a place for company reviews, praise, or complaints. If you wish to comment on a company or individual's performance please visit

Please refrain from commenting, critiquing, insulting, or stating personal opinions about companies or individuals by name on our forum. Our forum is a place to ask questions about home improvement projects, and gain information from the professional community. Nevertheless, you may ask questions regarding the proceeding steps after a project was completed, left incomplete, and finished properly, or improperly.

Please keep all queries within the home improvement, construction, or renovation sphere. Please keep all responses relevant to the question asked. Questions and answers outside these parameters will be deleted.

Write detailed posts.

The forum's value relies on detail. If you are posting a question, please be specific about your unique circumstance. Skilled professionals cannot provide sufficient answers if your questions are not detailed enough. This issue reduces the overall helpfulness of their responses for all parties. Please consider including the following information in your question:

  • The dimensions of your specific project
  • The materials that you are thinking of using
  • The existing materials in your home or project
  • Your home's existing condition
  • Home or contractor issues that you have experienced in the past
  • The specific project that you have in mind

If you are answering a question, please draw from past experience in your field of expertise. Please try to include:

  • Your experience, and your experience alone (no hear-say please!)
  • Accurate cost estimates or quotes if need be
  • Tips on what the individual should look out for, or avoid
  • Procedural information if need be
  • Alternative solutions

Refrain from posting private information.

Those posting on the forum may not share client or partner history, or financial information (names, addresses, credit card information, or other financial information). All posts containing any sort of private information will be removed. Please refrain from posting information about individuals as persons, as it may be considered libelous.

Posts are to be non-commercial.

Users must avoid blatant attempts to promote their business. Any mention of their business or attempt to solicit business from a user must be accompanied by a reasonable effort to answer a specific user's question in the thread. Posts that are not useful to readers will be removed. 

Post clearly and coherently.

Please ensure that your post can be read and understood by all readers. Try editing your post, reading it aloud, and asking for advice on writing clarity from friends or family. A clearly written post is essential for yours and the community's benefit. Please avoid using slang or industry-exclusive language as it may not be widely understood by all readers. HTML tags, emoticons, and emojis are not accepted on our platform.

TrustedPros prefers posts to remain in English, as it is the dominant language of our platform. However, feel free to post in the language that dominates the question thread.

We will remove content that is posted more than once by the same author.

TrustedPros reserves the right to delete or make changes to a post with or without cause. It is our intention to solicit honest, factual information to aid the audience without infringing on the rights of others.