Save Money on Your Exterior Door Replacement Project

Upgrading the façade of your home is easy with an exterior door replacement project. This expense can range from the reasonable to the ridiculous and smart shoppers will learn how to save money on an exterior door, making their home safer and more beautiful without breaking the budget.

There are three elements of an exterior door installation that can be shaved or adjusted to bring the cost down. The door style, material and installation procedure all help to create the ideal look for your home, as well as offer a chance to save money.

Style of the Door

If you've always dreamed of sidelights or think your home would look good with double doors, now is the time to make it happen. While removing the existing door you can renovate the wall to fit a completely different style, but remember that this decision will mean a lot more time and money.

If you choose to use the same style of door that is being replaced, the cost and complications are seriously reduced. You may even be able to reuse the doorframe. But if you do want to change up the look of your façade, now is this best time to do it when the existing door will be removed in any case.

Windows in your doors will also change the price drastically. If you do want windows (which are helpful for heating and lighting the foyer), you'll need to choose clear glass as opposed to stained or decorative styles to cut costs.

Material of the Door

This could be the most deciding factor in the overall cost of your exterior door replacement. Solid wood exterior doors are the most expensive, while fiberglass and composite are slightly more affordable. Steel doors are the least expensive, although they are more utilitarian and can be dented and scratched easily making them less attractive for a front door.

Other materials used in the door can also affect the cost. Hinges and handles are part of the entry system and more elaborate models will increase the price of this replacement project. Kick plates, knockers and door surrounds are other elements that can be left out in order to save money.

Installation of the Door

An exterior door replacement may be a DIY project, although that depends on the style and size of the door. If you will simply be doing a swap of similar styles, your own skills can be put to good use. But if you are planning on installing a distinct style, such as arched, double doors or something including sidelights, this project is best left to a professional.

You can save some money by doing it yourself, although the importance of an exterior door being installed and fitted properly cannot be understated. Keep your home safe and efficient with the very best doors installed the proper way. Think about whether you could remove the old door to save on labor costs or perform other tasks to keep the overall installation cost within your budget.

Consider that the style of the door, material and how it is installed will affect the overall cost. Save money on an exterior door replacement project by trimming in the areas where you are able and investing in the others. Your new front door will end up looking fabulous and costing less.

Posted by: diana
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