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Common Sandblasting Mistakes and Why They Happen

If you need to clean something quickly and efficiently, sandblasting is one the best ways. While it's most often used in commercial applications, sandblasting has several uses around the home. This method of cleaning involves shooting small pellets or particles out of an air compressor at a very high speed. When these particles strike a surface, any surface debris such as old paint or rust is blasted away. As effective as sandblasting is, there are many potential mistakes involved in the process. Sandblasting can be dangerous, and it can also damage many surfaces. Here, we'll take a closer look at this cleaning method and the mistakes most commonly made by homeowners (and by professionals working on residential projects). We'll also let you know how to avoid these dangerous and expensive mistakes.

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Power Washing Mistakes to Avoid

Power washing is one of the most effective methods of cleaning the exterior of your home, vehicles, driveway, roof and deck. Power washing can be done by professionals, or you can rent the equipment yourself and tackle it on a DIY basis. The actual process of power washing is relatively simple, but there are still plenty of mistakes to be made. Unfortunately, these mistakes are common and they cost homeowners a great deal of money each year. Thankfully, with a bit of knowledge and common sense, you can avoid these mistakes and save yourself not only money, but headaches and worry as well. In this article, we'll review several of the most common mistakes made during the power washing process, from hiring the right contractor to DIY issues. We'll also give you simple tips on avoiding these mistakes.

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