A Great Home Improvement Tip to Increase the Market Value of Your Home - Part 2

In part 1 of this series we discussed the home improvement tip of exchanging old windows for new, and covered some of the more traditional window styles. Whether using a more traditional or contemporary style, you can improve the overall appearance and market value of your home with a window and door remodeling project.

By replacing those ugly, outdated, old wood-frame double-hung windows with attractive new windows from the variety of styles and colors available today, you can also greatly improve energy efficiency.

Window Additions Come With Structural Requirements

Traditional window styles can be replaced relatively quickly without making structural changes, by using the services of a qualified remodeling contractor.

Of course, if you want to add a different size window or windows in addition to those already there, some structural work will be required. Cutting a window into an existing wall, for instance, will involve the addition of a header and some studs.

The header is what supports the weight of the structure above the window, which can be considerable in a multi-story home. A qualified home improvement contractor will be knowledgeable of the specifications necessary to adequately support the load.

Contemporary Design-oriented Styles

If your remodeling budget allows the services of a remodeling contractor and some structural work, you may want to consider some of these contemporary window styles:

Bay or Bow windows extend in a curve or half-hexagon shape beyond the wall of the home. They are usually made up of a combination of smaller windows. This style of window can have a dramatic effect on your finished home remodeling project.

Picture and transom windows are stationary and do not open. Design professionals often use combinations of this type window in stunning whole-wall, floor to ceiling designs. By using a variety of square, rectangular, polygon, or specialty shapes, a spectacular feature is added to the home.

Specialty windows are often round or oval shaped stationary windows, used to accent an upper wall area of a vaulted room or foyer. These windows frequently utilize stained or frosted glass and provide a room-brightening effect.

Skylight and roof windows provide additional natural light, which can ultra modernize any room, and make it appear larger and more inviting.

Include a Door or Entry Makeover in Your Project

For a well-rounded window home improvement project, you may want to include upgrading your exterior doors, or perhaps even change the whole entry area.

If so, choose from the following:

Metal doors have good insulating properties and flexible design options. They come as solid doors, stamped with the appearance of a six-panel door, or half-glass doors. The half-glass option can be with or without grids in the glass. Metal doors are relatively inexpensive.

Patio doors can come in sliding or hinged versions. They are usually full-length glass in a metal or wood frame.

Wood doors come in a nearly infinite variety of styles and types. Wood can be pine, oak, mahogany, maple, hickory, or even teak; with or without glass. If you opt for glass, select a door style with tempered glass that is triple insulated.

The most popular, but also most expensive, are solid hardwood doors with ornate designer glass in the door, and matching transom and sidelights on either side.

Some of these type doors feature embossed, frosted, or beveled glass; transoms can be elliptical, half round, or rectangular. Doors made from fiberglass are also available.

Utilizing an ornate entry door with transom and side lights provides a striking makeover with a bold statement can be achieved even without replacing windows.

Since these type window and door improvements involve structural changes, be sure to enlist the services of a design professional or qualified remodeling contractor.

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