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Home Kitchen Remodeling; How to Select Your Kitchen Counter

Countless articles are written about home kitchen remodeling. Everything from small kitchen remodeling tips to the kitchen triangle, to what decorating idea kitchen project is the hottest trend. But one other important aspect of kitchen remodeling is kitchen counter top selection.

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Kitchen countertops
Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens haven't always been the self-contained unit they are in today's home. In single family homes before the 1800's cooking was done either outside or in a fireplace area which, in many cases, held a large cast iron pot and a couple of smaller ones to boil water for tea. In the winter the fire never was extinguished as it was the main source of heat for the home and therefore the center of activity. Kitchen countertops evolved from butcher-blocks, rinsing trays and wash surfaces to flat boards that were fastened to a couple of cabinets. These modules could be moved about the kitchen depending what task was at hand. Slabs of wood were also put over bins that held potatoes, flour and beans so that vermin couldn't get the food and these were utilized as working surfaces. Therefore kitchen remodeling was a very mobile operation. All you had to do was move a bin, cabinet or the wash basin stand.

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kitchen counter tops
Natural Stone the Current Trend in Kitchen Counter Tops; Granite a Favorite

Modern kitchen d cor depends heavily on the integration of kitchen counter tops into the overall theme. Natural stone is the current material of choice, with granite counter tops ranking the favored type among designers and homeowners alike. Marble kitchen counter tops and quartz kitchen counter tops are also popular choices; some homeowners prefer a soapstone kitchen counter top, instead.

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kitchen countertops
Home Remodeling - Replacing Your Kitchen Countertops

The face of your kitchen rests with the countertops you choose to install. Replacing the countertops in your kitchen, along with the flooring itself, is among the most important things you can do during any kitchen remodeling.

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concrete countertops
Concrete Countertops for An Artistic Touch

Concrete countertops are the ultimate in home d cor additions. Functional, artistic and long-lasting they are the answer for homeowners who want a one-of-a-kind look in the kitchen that can draw together all their other artistic touches. Concrete counters can be inlaid with fossils, colorful rocks or just a great dye job for a unique, fashion statement in the home.

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