Cost, Style and Appearance; all Factors when Planning Door Replacement

Appearance and First Impressions

First impressions are everything. And when entering a home the first thing seen is the door. A combination of exterior door replacement and interior door replacement is a quick way to give any home a new look and feel; without major structural changes, extensive construction, or cost.

With a nearly infinite selection of style and types of doors available, one of the most difficult parts of the task is making the selection for a door installation project. Homeowners must consider what the main purpose is for door replacement; whether for style and appearance or functionality.

Homeowners seeking to drastically alter the appearance of the main entry door of the home can choose from decorative fiberglass, metal or solid wood entry door designs. Many styles feature a decorative door window or side lights.

Design features can add style and flair to any entrance, such as carved wood door or exterior French door options. Wood choices include maple, birch, mahogany, cherry or oak exterior door selections. Custom exterior door packages may include exotic wood options as well.

Glass exterior sliding door choices are popular; especially for patio door or deck entry points. And more and more homeowners are opting for exterior double French door styles for the main entry or secondary entry points.

When Cost is a Determining Factor

When considering interior wood door choices, before making a selection homeowners must determine what factors they are addressing. Will the selection be for appearance or privacy, or will cost be the primary factor?

Standard hollow core interior doors may be the best economical option, with homeowners having the choice of mahogany, oak, or birch veneer. These doors may be stained with any of a variety of colors to suit individual taste.

Integrating interior bifold door designs into the interior dècor can be an attractive yet economical choice. Using French door or interior glass door designs to separate areas of the home such as living room/dining room can have a stunning effect, but may not be for homeowners on a tight renovation budget.

Prehung Doors Simplify Installation

Almost all doors come as prehung interior door or pre hung exterior door packages. Prehung door packages include the door and door jamb already assembled; with hinges, knobs, locksets, strike plates, and mortises already installed.

When installing, old doors and jambs are removed to expose the rough opening. Since the precision work is already completed, new doors and jambs are easily positioned and quickly installed.

Basic Steps for Door Removal

  • Remove hinge pins; set door aside.
  • Use a sharp utility knife to carefully score paint or caulking around casing. Remove as much caulking as possible.
  • Using a pry bar, carefully remove casing from both sides of door jamb.
  • Carefully cut nails around perimeter of door jamb with reciprocating saw.
  • Remove door jamb to expose rough opening.
  • Remove any protruding nails, debris, or remaining caulking so that rough opening frame is clean and flush.

Basic Steps for Door Installation

  • Carefully measure the rough opening and wall thickness so that door and jamb are properly sized to fit the opening.
  • Set prehung door and jamb into rough opening. For exterior doors, include a bead of caulk just inside the edges underneath the threshold.
  • Using cedar shims, a square, and level, position door so that it is square, centered, and plumb. (For exterior doors, if threshold sits firmly on frame, shims are not necessary. Otherwise, shim as needed.)
  • Partially drive 6d nails through the jamb, cedar shims, and into the rough opening framing on the hinge side. Place nails in horizontal pairs, with equal spacing between each nail, and respective nail and jamb edge.
  • Re-check the door to make sure it remains square and plumb.
  • Finish nailing the jamb into the opening; add shims and nail through them at each nailing point, continually checking to ensure the door remains square and plumb. (For exterior doors, screw or nail threshold to the floor.)
  • Gently fill remaining space between jamb and opening with insulation; do not overstuff.
  • Install door casing; caulk if necessary.

Finding a Door Installation Professional

While do it yourself door installation is relatively easy, homeowners without basic handyman skills may want to consider enlisting the services of a professional door installer or door contractor.

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