A Great Home Improvement Tip to Increase the Market Value of Your Home - Part 1

While there are many reasons for undertaking a home improvement project, one of the most popular reasons aside from increased usability, more space, and cosmetic purposes is to increase the overall market value of the home.

If your home has ugly, old, wood-frame double-hung windows covered by a bazillion layers of paint that causes them to stick and malfunction, this home improvement tip article is for you.

A Cost-effective Exterior Makeover

One very cost-effective way to improve the overall attractiveness and value of a home is with a home remodeling project such as tastefully integrating new windows and doors with a fresh coat of paint on the house, or new siding.

Window and door improvements can be completed relatively quickly after the project begins, and require only minor structural work. Unless, of course, window sizes are changed.

Whatever your choice in an exterior facelift, by carefully and thoughtfully selecting a combination of new doors and windows from the assorted styles and colors available - any home can be transformed into a fresh, dazzling piece of real estate.

Windows are available either vinyl-clad or wood finish on both sides or with the flexibility of vinyl on one side and natural wood on the other. Today's window designs also offer greatly improved energy efficiency ratings, further enhancing any window home improvement project.

Styles of Windows

Consult with a home design or remodeling expert for home improvement tips on how to select style combinations that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior. You may want to choose from some of the following more commonly used styles available:

Casement windows are usually a longer than wide rectangular shape, hinged either on the left or right side. They open by swinging away from the house, usually with a crank system. Depending on the manufacturer, windows come in a variety of sizes.

Also available are architectural casement windows which have an appealing arch on the top edge, for maximum visual appeal.

Gliding Windows are usually a wider than tall rectangular shape. They open horizontally with one sash sliding behind the other. Gliding or sometimes referred to as “slider” windows can be purchased in a variety of sizes.

Double-hung windows are a more traditional style, used for decades. They are the most common style of window and open by sliding the lower sash up behind the upper sash. Some double-hung windows have upper and lower sashes that can be opened by sliding one over the other.

Double hung windows can be custom-made to any size up to approximately 3-feet 9-inches by 7-feet, which is usually the maximum size for a single unit.

Awning windows are usually a wider than tall rectangular shape, and operate with a crank handle similar to a casement window. The difference is that they are hinged at the top; they swing out and upward to open.

A Good Return on Your Investment

Installing new windows can be a sizeable investment, but the drastic improvement in appearance and energy efficiency more than make it worthwhile. But there is yet another good reason to make this type investment in home improvement. It is not unusual to realize an increase in property value that is 2 to 3 times the amount spent on the remodeling project.

While many home improvement projects can be handled by an ambitious handyman, window and door improvements are best left in the hands of a professional remodeling contractor. Skill required is too precise and proves too frustrating for the average homeowner.

The best home improvement tip yet is to list your project absolutely free on Reliable, qualified contractors in your area are waiting to provide a competitive bid for your project. Offering quick response time and the best price possible from the most qualified professional.

In part 2 of this series we will cover specific ways to enhance your house using design-oriented windows, and offer one other new home improvement tip. The use of doors in home entry design. So check back soon at

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