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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

As two of the most popular home remodels, kitchen and bathroom improvements can represent a substantial return on investment (ROI) ratio; helping to bring top market value for your home.

Bathroom renovations especially prove high performers. On average 102% return on investment for minor bathroom remodeling, according to a report publicized at the Home and Garden Show at the New York State Fair Grounds, Spring of 2007. Kitchen remodeling follows closely behind with a 98.5% recoup. Both types of renovations increase a home's chance of making a quick sale.

As the heart and soul of the home, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house; of keen interest to potential buyers. In fact, real estate agents say a clean, well-designed kitchen with modern appliances and quality elements can sell a house quicker than nearly any other aspect of the home.

Simple touches that will grab the attention of potential buyers include recessed lighting and lit cabinets. Kitchens can be made to appear roomier by selecting a light paint color for walls, and freeing counter space of clutter.

Modern, well designed bathrooms are another big selling point; where quantity and quality both count. Homes that have two or three bathrooms with quality fixtures sell faster than homes with only one bathroom. Needless to say, a luxurious master bathroom adjoining the master bedroom is even more impressive.

While bathrooms and kitchens can represent some of the most costly types of home renovations, they are also more likely to pay for themselves. In neighborhoods where most of the homes have updated kitchens, remodeling an outdated kitchen will help ensure the house doesn't sit on the market for longer than normal. Remodeling will also increase the sale value; oftentimes over and above the cost of construction.

When you can't afford a complete remodel, give the room a facelift by updating key room elements. Even something as simple as bleaching grout, re-caulking around tubs and sinks, and repainting walls can make a huge difference.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation projects that help boost real estate house worth and increase your chances for a quick sale include -

Kitchen Remodeling Tips:

  1. Best kitchen bathroom remodeling idea of all - consider basic room functions. Make sure remodeling or renovation project will accommodate one or more of the room's functions. For instance, the kitchen's primary functions are food preparation, storage, and clean up.
  2. Include a breakfast nook area - one type home renovation making a big comeback! Select a cozy corner breakfast nook - comfortable and inviting. Or a secluded breakfast nook design built off the kitchen; a quiet retreat for thoughtful contemplation. Both types provide an informal dining area and a great family gathering place, sure to impress potential buyers. Design options - whether traditional or modern - are countless!
  3. Make sure the classic work triangle is incorporated into the kitchen floor plan - with the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and stove arranged in a triangular pattern. This layout saves unnecessary steps, while ensuring ease of movement and convenience.
  4. Add fresh paint - a time-wise project that makes a huge improvement in room appearance and more than pays for itself when it comes time sell your home. Consider washable wall paint in tan, or “time tested” butter colors and mossy greens. Stay away from trendy colors that may shortly become outdated.
  5. Replace old kitchen cabinetry doors with new, quality ones - cheaper than full cabinet replacement, while still yielding impressive results that will boost home market value. If your budget allows for custom cabinetry, however, go for it.
  6. Add a second kitchen work station - a hot trend that allows more than one person to work efficiently in the same kitchen at any one time. For instance, a free-standing butcher block as a kitchen work island; to increase work space and ease-of-movement while preparing foods.
  7. Install a granite counter top - or one made from other natural stone. Stone counter tops installed using quality workmanship improves kitchen appearance and usability. They can also be a huge selling point. If you can't afford a real stone kitchen counter top, faux stone counter tops can be equally attractive and nearly as compelling to potential buyers.
  8. Incorporate space saving elements into kitchen design - for instance, a built in refrigerator, coffee maker, or other type built in kitchen appliance.
  9. Kitchen counter top idea - if kitchen space allows, add a peninsula counter to increase workspace. Select a two-level top design; providing workspace for the cook, as well as an area where family members can enjoy a quick snack.
  10. For outdated metal kitchen cabinets - install a new solid wood kitchen cabinet design; a sure fire way to improve kitchen appearance and increase the fair market value of your home. Consider oak or maple options - or less expensive pine. Get the best quality your budget will allow; opt for dovetail joints (which generally last longer than butt joints), and metal draw glides instead of plastic.
  11. Replace old flooring with a hardwood floor - or if your budget doesn't allow for conventional hardwood, consider laminate, or a bamboo hardwood floor. If new kitchen and bathroom flooring is completely out of your price range, restoring a hardwood floor is your next best option.
  12. Old appliance replacement with new energy saving kitchen appliance options - a great way to enhance household cost-efficiency and increase a potential buyer's interest in your home.
  13. Add a kitchen pantry - a design that includes pantry organizer shelving and innovative food pantry storage is a great way to effectively utilize available space.
  14. Give old kitchen cabinet style a face lift with new kitchen cabinet hardware - updating cabinetry while improving kitchen appearance.
  15. If kitchen counter tops are old and you can't afford new - don't despair. Give your kitchen a cost-effective face lift; resurface your kitchen counter tops instead of replacing them.
  16. Build a mini herb pantry - the perfect addition for a gourmet kitchen design. This can be something as simple as a cubby hole built into the wall between studs. Or a closet area converted into an herb pantry with a glass pantry door; making visible the old world charm of bunches of herbs hanging from hooks.
  17. Install a heated ceramic floor - the perfect solution and a great selling point; for tile or stone floors that tend to be cold.
  18. Bathroom Remodeling Tips:

  19. Add a bathroom skylight - an impressive element that increases natural lighting, modernizes room design, and is aesthetically pleasing. A vented skylight will increase air circulation.
  20. Replace flooring with bathroom flooring tile - peel and stick tile, for instance, is a quick, cost-effective solution.
  21. Update existing fixtures - including shower tub, toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, and lighting.
  22. Add a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath or hot tub - attractive bathroom features more apt to appeal to potential buyers. And bring a better return on investment than a “lifestyle project,” such as a separate Jacuzzi or sauna room.
  23. Install a heated bathroom floor - high on the list of bathroom extras that impress potential buyers.
  24. Get rid of any mold, mildew - replace damaged or broken tiles. If needed, replace old tile grouting, and replace caulking around tubs and showers.
  25. DIY master bathroom remodel - incorporating a master bathroom decorating theme with updated features; either luxurious or romantic -both proven show stoppers.
  26. If you have the space, add another bathroom - homes with more than one bathroom are always more appealing to potential buyers. Recoup for an averaged sized full bath located near bedrooms, in a house with 1 or 1 ½ baths, can be as high as 169%. Depending upon the area in which you live.
  27. Utilize unused space in corners - install corner shelving and cabinetry.
  28. Add a vaulted ceiling - increasing the bathroom's aesthetic appeal; making the bathroom appear more spacious than it really is.
  29. Build a new master bathroom - a nice selling point with a high expected investment return, if you live in the right area. The more elaborate the better. For instance, consider a master bathroom floor plan that includes a private dressing area, makeup vanity, and a double shower with dual shower head.

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