What to Expect From a Good Certified Kitchen Designer

Many homeowners familiar with the term kitchen contractor may find themselves a bit mystified by the role played by a certified kitchen designer. Even though there exists a job description overlap between skilled kitchen remodelers and kitchen designers, there are notable distinctions between the two. Before taking a look at the differences, however, let's acknowledge the similarities between regular kitchen remodelers and those with the benefit of certified kitchen designer training.

Even basic kitchen remodelers can develop great kitchen design layout ideas for every type kitchen remodel project imaginable. Everything from modern-day options for an environmentally friendly green kitchen remodeling, to innovative ideas for kitchen remodeling on a budget. Including DIY kitchen renovation strategies that help homeowners cut down on kitchen renovation costs by handling all or part of the kitchen remodeling prep-work themselves.

However, kitchen designers with the benefit of certified kitchen designer training are more likely to posses enhanced kitchen designer skills. As well as the ability to formulate unique blueprints for original kitchen design layout ideas. For a customized kitchen design layout that will knock your socks off, and make your kitchen remodeling project truly special!

A certified kitchen designer (CKD) will also possess familiarity with established industry standards; required to effectively supervise kitchen construction and completion of all aspects of the kitchen remodel. Helping to boost project success!

Certified kitchen designer training among kitchen remodelers has become increasingly popular. Due in part to the increase in homeowners who desire a sophisticated green, energy efficient kitchen remodeling. And the trend toward upscale kitchen remodel designs which greatly enhance the desirability and real estate value of the home. While increasing the percentage of kitchen renovation costs recouped, at point of sale.

Kitchen remodelers who invest in certified kitchen designer (CKD) education have added several years training over and above what is required of kitchen remodelers. Gaining optional experience as a kitchen designer. And are therefore more likely to have enhanced skills in the following areas:

  • Communication - understanding the client's needs, and transforming them into a workable kitchen design layout; one that is practical, efficient, and pleasing.
  • Assessment - evaluating the homeowner's preferences, needs, lifestyle, and budget - and then developing kitchen construction and kitchen design layout ideas to meet each goal.
  • Research - explore ways to help homeowners cut down on kitchen renovation costs; kitchen remodeling on a budget strategies, for instance. And cost-effective approaches to kitchen remodeling with designer appeal. (I.e. Jimmy Mai of Seattle WA based Allied Marble, Inc. offers “stone special of the month” options. Unique discounts on popular natural stone slabs used for granite kitchen countertops; made available when in-store stock supplies for that particular product become very limited. A good certified kitchen designer will utilize such cost-effective strategies to help even kitchen remodeling on a budget homeowner's obtain a designer quality remolding, at the least possible cost!)
  • Education - a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the various industry safety standards and regulations for kitchen construction and kitchen design layout. This includes national and local building codes, and National Kitchen and Bath Association and National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines. As well as NKBA and NARI kitchen remodeling recommendations for building techniques, and grade/quality of material used in kitchen construction; for optimal safety and health - even when not legally enforced.

Certified kitchen designer training provides kitchen remodelers with a wealth of kitchen design layout planning strategies and kitchen renovation ideas. Everything from masterminding kitchen remodeling blueprints to organizing the kitchen construction to devising a concise kitchen renovation checklist, helping to enhance kitchen designer appeal and ensure “smooth sailing.” Both to satisfy the homeowner's preferences and optimize the functional requirements of new kitchen construction.

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