Handyman Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Paint is one of the easiest as well as the least expensive ways to give a room an updated look. The key to a good outcome is choosing the right color of paint before you begin.

Begin by surveying the room you plan to paint. Take into consideration the type and the amount of light that room receives as well as architectural features in the room you would like to highlight. You should also consider the floor color and the color of any window coverings either already in the room or new window coverings. Finally, consider your ultimate goal for that room. For example, do you want the room to appear larger, lighter, etc.?

Paint is also an excellent way to downplay any shortcomings that may be present in a room. Keep in mind that your choice of paint color can help you in opening up rooms that could appear darker or smaller. Shades of yellow or white can give any room an airy, expansive look. At the same time, if you have a room that is overly large and you would like to give it a cozier feel, consider using shades of dark blue or brown.

What about using two or more different shades of paint? Want to accent an architectural feature in a room or bring a little excitement to a boring room? Consider using a different color for one wall or the feature you want to highlight. When choosing colors, be sure to look for colors that will work well with the focal point in that room, such as a high quality piece of furniture, a piece of art, etc.

Ultimately, many different elements should be considered when choosing interior paint colors, including your own personal preferences as well as colors that you feel most comfortable with in a room. Many people select colors based on their cultural heritage while others choose colors that will create positive reactions such as blue or green to create a calm and tranquil effect or yellow to evoke a pleasant, cheery feeling. Colors can certainly set the mood in a room, so it is definitely important to keep that in mind when making your selection.

It's always a good idea to bring color swatches home and actually place them on the walls you plan to paint before you make a final selection. Consider how the samples look at different times of the day or in different types of light. Fluorescent lights can give colors a blue hint while incandescent lights off give a yellow cast. The lighting you have in a room can affect how a color of paint appears.

After you have made your color selection, be sure to purchase all of the paint you need for that project at once. This will help to keep the paint color consistent throughout the project. Also, write down the paint batch numbers on the lid just in case you should need more paint at a later time.

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