Professional Kitchen Renovation Services; How to Determine When They are Needed

As the heart and soul of the home, the kitchen is one of the two most important rooms in a house to keep updated; the bathroom is the second. Why? Not only because of the amount of daily use, but because a quality kitchen renovation can increase the real estate value of the home. And almost guarantee a high percentage of renovation-cost recoup when selling. Plus, an updated kitchen remodeling as beautiful as it is functional can improve chances of a quick sale - saving time and $$.

For the above reasons, unless the homeowner is a professional remodeling contractor or experienced handyman with exceptional DIY kitchen renovation skill and finesse, the services of a kitchen remodeler should be seriously considered when undertaking any new kitchen remodeling. This is true even for homeowners desiring kitchen remodeling on a budget.

What about the homeowner with very limited funds? With the high outlay of costs associated with kitchen renovation, protecting that investment should be a homeowner's primary concern. An inadequate new kitchen remodeling floor plan combined with less than professional quality kitchen construction is a sure fire way to fall short on hoped-for results. And less than professional quality workmanship will not effectively enhance real estate value of the home.

The best advice to homeowners, then, is not to forgo the expertise of a kitchen renovation professional; guaranteeing kitchen remodeling success when the right kitchen contractor is hired. But to find creative ways to cut down on kitchen construction costs. For instance, the homeowner can handle some or all preliminary work themselves. This might include:

  • Removing old flooring in preparation for installation of a new specialty kitchen floor.
  • Installing the new subfloor.
  • Preparing for the installation of new granite kitchen counter tops by removing old kitchen counter tops.
  • Tearing down old kitchen cupboards designs, if new ones are part of the new kitchen remodeling project.
  • Staining or painting new cabinetry yourself, for more affordable kitchen cabinet installation.
  • Removing any appliances that will be replaced.
  • Tearing down partitions or other aspects of the old kitchen construction to be removed. Such as old kitchen counter tops, shelving, etc.

Homeowners can also save on overall kitchen renovation costs by undertaking any painting themselves. Whether new unfinished kitchen cupboards designs, walls, trim, ceiling, or anything else. And a remodeling contractor might further cut kitchen construction costs if the homeowner cleans up and discards kitchen remodeling site debris at the end of each work day.

Don't hesitate to ask kitchen contractor candidates about these and other money-saving DIY kitchen renovation tips that will help keep kitchen construction costs to a minimum.

Other kitchen remodeling on a budget ideas include prudent material choices. For instance, a more affordable kitchen cabinet choice instead of higher-costing custom kitchen cupboards designs. Whether ready-made wood finish or laminated kitchen cabinets or unfinished stock cabinets, ready to stain or paint. Or consider the ultimate kitchen remodeling on a budget choice - resurfacing existing cabinets and replacing old hardware for a fresh new look.

Homeowners motivated by the need to keep kitchen renovation costs down will be surprised by the creative options available to save money when planning a new kitchen remodeling project. And the various ways there are create an upscale kitchen remodeling look with a kitchen remodeling on a budget price tag.

In addition to all the above, research before making any major kitchen appliance purchase. This can save hundreds of dollars; both at the time of the purchase and for the lifetime of the appliance.

Kitchen renovation appliance selection is another area professional kitchen remodelers can greatly benefit homeowners. Kitchen contractor expertise, research skills, and commercial vender connections cultivated over the years can help keep kitchen renovation costs to a minimum. While helping homeowners make prudent appliance purchasing decisions at the best possible price!

Kitchen remodelers also have the vendor connections and bargaining power required to help homeowners save money on higher quality kitchen remodeling materials they might otherwise hesitate to purchase. Optimal kitchen counter tops, for example; whether copper, sandstone, or granite kitchen counter tops. Great kitchen floor options, or even up-scale kitchen cupboards designs; all for hundreds of dollars under retail.

Once the homeowner has determined whether or not to invest in the services of a professional kitchen remodeler (the most prudent choice for most homeowners!), kitchen renovation costs should be considered. After budget limitations have been decided, the next step is to focus on new kitchen design ideas. Will it be a large or small kitchen renovation? How extensive can the kitchen design layout be? What type kitchen remodel designs will work best? What type affordable kitchen cupboards designs will best compliment other features?

Here is where many homeowners make their first mistake. Mesmerized by new modern kitchen designs that looked awesome on the pages of a kitchen designer magazine, they rush headlong into a new kitchen remodeling project. Without the necessary research and planning required for project success. This is as important for a small kitchen remodel as it is for a large. Especially since making changes to plans once kitchen construction begins can add considerably to the kitchen remodeling expense.

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, about 30-percent of their readers admitted major new kitchen construction regrets, including:

  • not spending more time assessing innovative kitchen renovation plans
  • not spending more time researching materials (such as available kitchen cupboard designs and kitchen floor options)
  • not spending more time screening kitchen remodelers for the best professional for the job

Deciding to spend the time required to adequately assess, research, and screen the three key elements of new kitchen construction (planning, materials, kitchen contractor selection) before remodeling begins can save homeowners big bucks. Avoid major headaches, and help guarantee a positive project outcome!

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