Kitchen Remodelers - How to Become One

Kitchen Remodelers are highly skilled at kitchen remodeling and kitchen floor plan design. A kitchen contractor has the expertise required to weave “magic” into your small kitchen remodel or upscale designer kitchen remodel ideas:

  • To help increase the appearance and efficiency of your kitchen floor plan design.
  • To boost the real estate market value of your home.
  • To enhance kitchen work triangle design efficiency.
  • To optimize the kitchen floor plan design, whether to create additional space or utilize existing space more effectively.
  • To make your kitchen a more enjoyable and integrated part of your home!

Kitchen contractors differ from regular remodeling contractors in that they are considered specialists. Their primary focus is kitchen remodeling. A kitchen contractor has the skills and tools required not only to turn homeowner kitchen renovation plans into a reality. But also to formulate their own unique ideas. And either complete or oversee all aspects of a kitchen remodeling or new kitchen construction project - from start to finish.

Kitchen Remodelers and the Role They Play in the Construction Industry

A kitchen remodel is undeniably the kingpin of residential remodeling efforts, with bathroom renovation not far behind. And since a quality kitchen floor plan design makeover can significantly increase the real estate value of the home while making it a more efficient and enjoyable environment for the entire family, skilled kitchen contractors will remain in demand.

Results from a 10-year long U.S. consumer marketing research-survey licensed by the publishers of Better Homes and Gardens highlight the role of kitchen remodelers in the construction industry. And data provided by over 3-million home improvement projects from more than 1-million homeowners substantiates what remodeling contractors have known all along.

New kitchen construction demands more attention to fine detail than any other type home construction project. With the exception of building an entire new house, of course. And requires considerable energy, financial investment, and multifaceted decision-making skills. For such tasks as planning the most efficient work triangle design for the size and shape of the room. Or finding creative ways to enhance available floor space.

This is true whether undertaking a large or small kitchen renovation. Or regardless of demographic profile: household budget, income, location, etc. It is no wonder, then, that a professional kitchen renovation contractor with unique abilities and training beyond that of regular remodeling contractors is generally a homeowner's best choice for a kitchen remodeling.

But in order to acquire the proper skills and licensing required to weave kitchen renovation floor plan design magic, a kitchen remodeling contractor should first acquire specialized training.

How to Become a Kitchen Remodeler

The first step for remodeling contractors who want to specialize in kitchen renovation design layout and construction is to enhance their kitchen remodeling skills. This can be accomplished by combining hands-on-experience with research and formal education.

An aspiring kitchen remodeler can gain kitchen floor plan design and remodeling experience as an apprentice, working under a licensed professional. Or else by attending formal kitchen carpentry classes. Once licensed, novice kitchen remodelers can enhance their kitchen remodel services by acquiring additional types of training. For instance, some may take formal Certified Kitchen Designer CKD training, or become a licensed plumber or electrician. Note: kitchen remodeling contractors who acquire a college degree in civil engineering or related subject are in a good position to move on to a management position.

In order to become a professional kitchen renovation contractor candidates should:

  • Have a solid background in construction.
  • Understand the concept behind the kitchen work triangle design
  • Be adept at “tweaking” the kitchen work triangle design to fit various kitchen floor plan designs, and meet the needs of the homeowner.
  • Be skilled at formulating new kitchen floor plan design layout and remodeling strategies.
  • Obtain good kitchen renovation contractor management skills.
  • Possess good mathematical skills.
  • Meet all kitchen remodeling contractor test requirements.
  • Meet all kitchen contractor certification criteria.
  • Meet all kitchen contractor insurance requirements.
  • Meet all National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA rules and guidelines, as well as those of similar associations.
  • Ensure all kitchen contractor license requirements are met and adhered to.

License requirements for kitchen remodelers may differ state to state. And each state has its own contractor licensing agency. In Washington State, for instance, it is the State Department of Labor & Industries. While in Nevada the proper agency is the State Contractors Board, and in California it is the Contractors State License Board.

Many kitchen renovation contractors hold additional certification over and above what is mandatory. Whether NARI, NKBA, or another type certification.

Other Requirements for Kitchen Contractors

In addition to the above, kitchen contractors must be able for formulate an efficient kitchen renovation checklist, complete with a comprehensive materials list. As well as a detailed work contract that outlines all aspects of the new kitchen renovation plans, beginning to end.

Kitchen remodelers must also obtain the necessary equipment and tools required for kitchen construction and remodeling. While standard tools and materials should be obtained before beginning work as a kitchen remodeler, other supplies can be collected as needed.

A remodeling contractor who is serious about a career as a kitchen contractor will be adequately staffed with a knowledgeable and reliable crew. And cultivate strong connections with multiple venders; offering homeowners the best possible product selection at the most affordable price!

Kitchen remodeling contractors geared toward success will also offer a wide-range of services. Including large to minor home repair and maintenance. In addition to installation of the various features associated with a kitchen remodel. Including counters, backsplashes, water purifying systems, faucets, sinks, windows, and appliances.

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