How to Remodel Your Home Cheaper

Many homeowners dream of remodeling, but assume that massive budgets and rising costs put home improvement projects out of reach. Renovations do not have to be expensive and quality remodeling can be done cheaper than you might think. Discover how to remodel your home with an affordable, manageable budget.

How to Freshen Up Your Living Space

Painting remains the quickest and most affordable way to freshen up a bedroom, family room or any other space. Shop for sales on quality paint or consider buying larger quantities to realize a bulk discount. Consider DIY painting to save on labor costs, but make sure you can safely complete the project. High ceilings, stairways and ceilings present a challenge to the average homeowner.

Contact your local professional painter to obtain a quotation, and compare the amount of time saved by hiring an expert. Professional painters provide a well finished look that often increases property value and lasts longer than a DIY finish.

How Lighting Helps to Expand Space

Are you considering a home addition? If you're looking to make your living space brighter and more spacious, consider how lighting can help. Putting in a window and upgrading light fixtures are much cheaper than a major construction project, and often results in a similar atmosphere.

Take a look at the exterior walls. How will natural lighting enter the space with a new window in place? What type of window would provide maximum light without detracting from privacy and comfort?

Consider interior walls as well. Sometimes knocking out an interior wall allows natural light to spread throughout the home and expands living space dramatically. Figure out if the wall contains mechanical elements, such as plumbing and major electrical wiring. It's relatively inexpensive to take down a minor interior wall.

Upgrading your lighting provides several benefits, including lower energy costs and a brighter, more inviting space. Check out your local retailers and watch web retailers like Lighting Direct for good deals. Recessed lighting can be installed into the ceiling, provided the contractor has access via an attic or upper floor. Sconce light fixtures work well on walls, especially in a hallway or smaller room.

Look for fixtures with adequate light distribution and consider the type of light bulbs as well. Light expands the visible space in your room, but it can help to accentuate certain areas for tasks and create a mood or atmosphere. Assess the purpose and function of your existing lighting to see how it matches up with the overall goal of the space.

How DIY Can Help Cut Costs... or Drive Them Higher

Homeowners assume that DIY renovations save money, but that is not always the case. In many circumstances and projects, going the DIY route extends the schedule and expands the budget, leading to frustrated consumers and a lower return on investment.

Certain tasks work well to stretch your DIY muscles. Demolition, stripping wallpaper and shallow excavations require hard work, but they can also be done with limited skill. If you have the time and tools to tackle this aspect of your remodeling project, go for it. You'll save money on that element and may come out with a healthy sense of accomplishment.

Other elements of a home remodel require an experienced eye and talent. Any aspects that involve structural supports or finishing are best handled by an expert. In some cases, such as plumbing and electrical, only a trained or licensed professional is authorized to work on the project. Going the DIY route could result in safety issues.

While DIY tasks may shave labor costs off your home improvement budget, mishaps and mistakes add to the final price through repairs and wasted materials. Be sure you know what you're getting into and be prepared to call in the pros where necessary. DIY does not always mean less expensive.

How Staying on Trend Can Add to Your Costs

While it may be tempting to follow the latest design trends, this choice often leads to more renovations down the road. Trends change, and homeowners get tired of a trendy look when something fresh comes into style. This leads to further remodeling and more spending.

Trends work well for many homeowners. But putting trendy items in the right places helps to maintain a more realistic budget today and into the future.

Choose classic forms and finishes for the major elements of your home, including flooring, wall and room design, doors and windows, exterior finishes and major landscaping features. Make sure these choices appeal to your overall tastes and consider how they will age. This plan allows you to opt for trendy items on the surface, including rugs, paint colors, accessories, flowers and cabinet hardware.

Changing these minor items is easier and less expensive. Remember that major brands tend to come with higher price tags and many quality retailers offer “knock offs” with the same look and feel for much lower prices.

How Storage Solutions Enhance Your Home For Less

Are you planning to remodel due to space constraints? Maybe your home feels cramped or disorganized and a remodeling project will help to create order and calm. Adding storage solutions from brands like Closetmaid to your existing space can be an easy and cheap way to remodel and achieve your goals.

Take a look at the closets and consider available wall space. Be creative and browse the web for storage ideas that work with your home and family. Reconfiguring your storage may require some renovation, but the end result is often less invasive and less expensive than a major remodel.

This concept works well in the mud room, bathroom and bedroom. A kitchen remodel should include storage solutions, but often as part of a larger, overall redesign. Living space like a family room or bedroom can be opened and organized with well built, thoughtfully designed storage, resulting in greater comfort at a fraction of the cost.

Focus on quality during your home remodel and think outside of the proverbial box. It may be easier than you think to remodel your home cheaper. A new coat of paint and light fixture upgrade changes the entire look of the space, while storage solutions offer a more affordable option for many rooms. DIY and staying on trend can add to your renovation costs. Think about all of the options and plan well to get the most for your dollar in home remodeling.

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