How Does Price Point Affect Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget?

Kitchen remodeling projects are expensive, ranging across a wide spectrum of price points. The levels of investment depend on the size of your space, the amount of renovation and restoration work involved as well as the materials and fixtures chosen.

It helps to determine the realistic price point for your renovation ahead of time, allowing you to set up an accurate budget. But will those numbers be in line with your vision of a new kitchen? Or do you need to make an adjustment in the name of affordability?

Typical Price Points for a Kitchen Renovation

There are three basic price ranges for most kitchens: between $5,000 and $20,000 is level A; between $20,000 and $40,000 is level B; and above $40,000 is considered level C. Your initial budget numbers may point you towards one particular price point, but it is important to look deeper and understand what level of work and products you can expect from each point or range.

Level A Kitchens

This is the budget numbers to use for a standard builder kitchen. If you are installing a kitchen from scratch (including running the plumbing and electrical) expect to be on the higher end of the range, due mainly to the cost of those services. Surface renos or refinishing jobs often fall into this price point as well, such as when the flooring and countertops are replaced, but the cabinetry, fixtures and appliances are left as is.

For complete remodels, a level A kitchen includes stock cabinets. These are the type you can order from the big box store in basic colors and standard designs. Countertops in a level A kitchen are laminate and you will find little to no trim or moldings installed. Flooring at this price point can be vinyl or laminate, with linoleum still making an appearance now and then.

Appliances and plumbing fixtures are generally standard as well, with no flashy features. Look for freestanding appliances and plain stainless steel sinks and faucets. Generally a drop-in, self-rimming sink is installed with a basic faucet. You may find drinking water taps and a garbage disposal in level A kitchens, but these push the overall cost closer to top of the range.

Level B Kitchens

If you desire a more customized finish it is time to look at the level B price point. These kitchen remodeling projects include semi-custom cabinets, such as a corner lazy Susan or glass display units. If your sizes and design are slightly more complicated than the standard order, but not yet fully custom, this level of cabinets will work well. Paneling can be incorporated into the walls and molding or trim is often used to dress up the space.

Flooring tiles are used, ranging from basic ceramic to the more classical Travertine marble. Countertops are often made from solid wood, tile, concrete or another solid substance. This provides a more customized appearance without moving into the expensive territory of natural stone.

Appliances are a step or so above standard models, including decorative panels that create a built in look with freestanding appliances. Sinks tend to be stainless steel, although you can move into undermount designs and may choose to install enameled cast iron sinks.

Level C Kitchens

These kitchen remodeling projects generally cost over $40,000. They will add immense value to your home and allow you to fully customize this all-important room.

A complete set of custom cabinets designed and built to fit the space is included in this price point. Countertops are also a cut above, whether they are made with natural stone or stainless steel. Trim and molding are part of the overall design and help to transform cabinets and counters into attractive and fully functional pieces of furniture.

Flooring can be high end tile, but you may also choose to install natural stone tiling or hardwood planks. Many of these floors are higher maintenance, but will last for generations and enrich your home with fantastic character.

There is almost no limit to the style of sinks and faucets that can be installed. From modern designs that include multiple solid surfaces to classic farm sinks made from ultra durable materials, a level C remodel allows you to install the plumbing fixtures that suit your tastes. Appliances are often built in and include professional features.

Will the Contractor Affect the Price Point?

Most of your kitchen remodeling budget will be spent on materials. Labor or installation is generally a set amount, although tricky removal and complicated plumbing renovations can increase the cost of labor dramatically.

Talk to your contractor about the price points they tend to work with. If a level C kitchen is in the plans you may be more comfortable choosing a contractor that frequently handles projects of that size. On the other hand, a level A kitchen remodel will likely be more affordable if you hire a contractor that specializes in those types of jobs.

Remember that the more detail you want in the room, the higher the price point will be. Custom work also gets expensive and many of the natural or green products on the market tend to appear in level C kitchen remodels.

Understanding what you want and what that will cost is an important step in planning. Make these decisions before you begin investigating the contractors and you are more likely to be happy with the project in the end.

Kitchen remodeling projects tend to fall within three price points. A level A kitchen will cost from $5,000 to $20,000, while a level B kitchen ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. Level C, which includes the most expensive options and customization, will cost more than $40,000 to complete. The price point you can afford will affect the design and type of materials installed in your new kitchen. Do your research and compare price to make the ideal decisions for your home.

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