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Things to Consider

Everyone has those moments where little things go wrong around the home. Every homeowner should have a local handyman that they can count on in a pinch when things break. Of course, most of us forget about this service until we need something fixed. That1s why we1ve built an exhaustive directory of qualified handymen in your area. We1ve compiled customer reviews, and background information to make sure that the handymen and women listed on TrustedPros are up to the task of maintaining your family1s home. Check them out, create a list, and start getting quotes to fix that leaky faucet or loose banister.

What Exactly Is A Handyman?

A handyman (or women) is someone often referred to as a jack-of-all-trades. They are capable of handling jobs as simple as replacing a doorknob, or as involved as minor plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. They are different from a General Contractor, as they do not hire sub-contractors that specialize in electrical, plumbing or engineering in order to take on more involved projects.

There has been a steady increase in handymen throughout the United States as homes get older, and the population living in the older homes becomes less capable of handling daily maintenance themselves. Handymen services are more personal, as they generally build a long-term relationship with their clients. Getting to know your home and its maintenance needs really allows a handyman to provide great care for everything inside and outside your home. Plus, they1ll have a network of General Contractors that they1ve worked with in case you need something more complex completed.

Certifications and Licensing

Each state has defined their own rules and regulations regarding professional handymen. In many states handymen are required to attain a license from the state or local government in order to prove their competence. They can take their skills further by specializing in a certain area of home maintenance or repair in order to qualify themselves to take on more involved projects, but most are able to find plenty of work completing odd jobs for their clients.

The licensing and certification process is also affected by whether they1re working on their own, or with a larger firm. Many professionals that are self-employed will skip many of the required licensing requirements in order to save their money as they get their business off the ground. They1re able to get away with this because they work under the radar, in an often cash-based business. Be careful to get more information around any potential handyman service prior to hiring them. Unauthorized work that is completed by an unregistered handyman can come back to bite you when it comes time to complete a home inspection in order to facilitate the sale of your home. This is one of the many reasons that TrustedPros offers detailed license and certification information about the professionals listed in our database.

Insurance for Handymen

Some states will require handymen to carry insurance to cover negligent work and potential injuries while on the job.  A Property Damage Liability Policy will protect most handymen if they cause significant damage to a property due to their negligence. This is something you should definitely inquire about prior to hiring a handyman. A simple hole in a roof due to poor patching can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. The same holds true for many other jobs completed around the home by handymen so take your time and do your homework before letting work commence.

How Much Does A Handyman Cost?

There are two ways that most handymen will bill for their services. They can charge by the hour for a project. The average cost for handymen will vary by area, but a general rule is roughly $75 per hour for a small project. They1ll also charge a mileage fee if the work is further away from their base of operations.

If you require their help with a more involved project, the handyman may offer a fixed price for the entire project. To estimate this fixed cost, you can generally take the wholesale cost of necessary supplies and materials and double it in order to estimate a rough cost for the entire project. You1ll be able to negotiate all of these costs with the handyman ahead of time, as well as add bonuses or incentives for speedy, quality work.

Warranty of Work

When selecting your handyman, make sure that they outline the warranty they provide for their work. If they can1t offer a meaningful guarantee in writing, then seriously reconsider hiring them to complete work on your home. At a minimum, you should expect that their work is guaranteed for at least 6 months after its completion. This is one of the many reasons it1s so important to read every word of any contract they ask you to sign, as well as review past customer reviews on TrustedPros when creating your short-list of candidates.

Hiring a Handyman

When looking through our directory of handymen in your area, take a close look at their licensing, qualifications, and past customer reviews. After you1re satisfied with a minimum of three different professionals in your area, schedule consultations and request written estimates for any work needing to be completed around your home. After you1ve selected your handyman, we recommend giving them one small job to complete at your home. If you1re happy with the craftsmanship and timeliness of the work, then you can continue to provide them with additional work around the home. This is a great way to make sure you don1t get in too deep before realizing that they aren1t the best fit.

By following this process, we1re confident you1ll find a handyman that you can trust to maintain your home, and take care of any odd jobs around the home. A little "tender loving care" for your home now can go a long way towards maintaining your home1s value, and providing a high quality of life for you and your family.

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