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Description: Purchasing the correct safety equipment online or at a local retail store can be frustrating, if not impossible, and is only a small part of baby proofing your home. Installing baby gates&... more

Main Services Offered:
Handyman Services
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Description: Reliable Home Services is always on call and provides exception quality of workmanship at the most reasonable price. We have many current and previous clients we can refer you to to find out the qual... more

Main Services Offered:
Handyman Services, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling
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Description: Commercial and Residential Remodeling since 2001. Low overhead to give our customers the best cost. Specializing in design and planning of all realms of remodel and new construction. No job is too big... more

Main Services Offered:
Handyman Services, Painting, Home Restoration
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Description: Mobile homes are tricky no codes were ever made for trailer building. Alot of surprises we can handle no problem. worked for the municpality for 3 years on trailers. call for free quote.... more

Main Services Offered:
Carpentry, Handyman Services, Painting
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Recent Review: “I'll start with what they did well, and that was the decks. Satisfactory quality of work on those. As far as the windows, the contractors had to be ... more

Amy from Anchorage on Dec 12, 2009

Main Services Offered:
Handyman Services, Gutters, Power Washing

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