Finding Trusted Handyman Professionals; Research and Hiring Tips

Locating trusted handyman professionals for reliable handyman services isn't nearly as difficult as you might think. Besides, researching for the most reliable handyman services possible is beyond important. It could be critical to protecting your investment in home and family; emotionally, physically, and financially.

Why Obtain and Research Handyman Contractor Leads?

What makes obtaining handyman contractor leads and researching candidates for local handyman services so important? Consider the following “hiring a certified handyman professional” scenarios:

  • After investing several thousand dollars in home handyman projects and hiring “reliable handyman services” it is discovered AFTER a catastrophe:

  • Handyman insurance coverage was inadequate.
  • Handyman license did not include all tasks on your local handyman services list.
  • You were charged unusually high home handyman rates for un reliable handyman services; he/she routinely arrived at the job site late, did not adhere to Association of Certified Handyman Professionals guidelines, and workmanship was substandard.

  • “Trusted handyman services” obtained through a pre-screened handyman professionals directory was not as expected. Prescreening was inadequate, information obsolete::

  • Handyman insurance coverage expired mid-project.
  • Several grievances had been lodged against their professional handyman services within the 6 months.
  • Hidden costs nearly doubled the estimated home handyman rates quoted.

  • The handyman contractor leads counted on for last-minute upkeep tasks did not produce the most reliable handyman candidates hoped for. Forcing you to make a quick hiring decision; settling for less than reliable handyman services to get work completed on time. Mediocre workmanship at inflated home handyman rates.
  • You discover after acquiring highly-recommended professional handyman services that key elements of your home handyman projects will be farmed out to unknown handyman subcontractors. And the certified handyman professional you hired will be absent from the job site for extended periods, leaving a work crew of handyman helpers unsupervised.

With rising costs and today's economy, it only makes sense to safeguard your financial investment and make every cent count. Don't get stuck with a disreputable, non licensed handyman. Research and screen handyman professionals.

Researching for the most reliable handyman services possible is important because:

  • Home handyman rates do not reflect the trustworthiness or expertise of the person.
  • Even seasonal tasks on your handyman services list represent an investment requiring safeguarding.
  • Budget-priced local handyman services could end up costing more in the long run than higher-quality, more reliable handyman services.
  • Researching for trusted handyman professionals is the only way to ensure handyman license requirements are met. That handyman insurance coverage is adequate, and that home handyman projects will be completed according to state and local code guidelines.

In addition, researching for the most reliable handyman services possible is the only way to uncover formal complaints that may have been lodged against the certified handyman professional. Note: check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, or your state's equivalent.

Make sure what you acquire are reliable handyman services by a trustworthy professional. A reputable person who meets handyman license requirements for your state, and adequate handyman insurance coverage.

Researching for a Reliable Handyman Service Provider

Why do so many people research items like laptop computers and cell phones before making a purchase? But then hire service providers who may or may not be trusted handyman professionals, as long as home handyman rates are low. A huge mistake with potentially serious consequences.

Failure to research for the most reliable handyman possible is often due to uncertainty. Intimidated by too many handyman contractor leads, lured by inviting promises, or not knowing how to find the most reliable handyman service provider. Some people waver and break their own “look before you leap” rule. Hiring a service provider because they promise to complete handyman services list tasks more quickly. Or because the local handyman services tout dirt cheap home handyman rates.

While reasonable home handyman rates are preferred, a cheap price tag should not be your primary objective. What, then, is the key to finding the most reliable handyman for the job? And what should be your chief concern when seeking professional handyman services?

Your chief concern should be to protect the welfare of you and your family. And secondly, your financial investment. Your primary objective, then, is to hire trusted handyman professionals who offer professional handyman services. A reliable handyman with the skills required to handle tasks on your handyman services list. Choosing only handyman subcontractors and handyman helpers they know and trust, for tasks requiring assistance.

Copy and paste the printable worksheet below, as a handy reference tool. This step-by-step research and hiring worksheet can help you find reliable handyman services quicker and

easier…with greater success!


Worksheet start

Step-by-Step Reliable Handyman Services List Research and Hiring Guidelines

  • Never hire a non licensed handyman in states that have handyman license requirements. Research the Internet to discover your state's handyman insurance coverage and handyman license requirements. Go to your favorite online search engine; type in the words “handyman license requirements” along with the name of your state. (Research handyman insurance coverage requirements utilizing the same process.)
  • Search for local handyman services using reputable free handyman directory resources, such as the one available right here, at Our exclusive directory of trusted handyman professionals is quick and easy to use, 24/7.
  • Acquire handyman contractor leads from friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Ask each person questions about the local handyman services recommended:

  • How did you obtain the most reliable handyman contractor leads?
  • Were the handyman professionals home handyman rates fair? Was workmanship quality in-step with home handyman projects cost?
  • Did the handyman professional provide reliable handyman services? Did they arrive on time, prepared to work? Were local handyman services completed within the expected time frame?
  • Were handyman professionals polite and accommodating? Did they explain the home handyman projects procedures and requirements so you knew what to expect?

  • What about the scope and extent of the professional's handyman services list? Does it comprise of a wide variety of services, reflecting a broad range of skills, at fair home handyman rates?

  • Make a list of the most promising trusted handyman professionals. Candidates on your initial handyman services list should consist of roughly 5 to 8 names. Allow space between the names of handyman contractor leads for contact, credential, and other information to be added later.
  • Initial candidate contact should be by telephone or e-mail. Your first question should be “Are you a licensed or non licensed handyman?” Unless a handyman license is not required in your state, remove the names of any non licensed handyman from your list. Note: whether or not a handyman license is mandatory in your state, restrictions on services for certain home handyman projects often apply. Specialized skills and licensing may be required for certain tasks. Ensure individual handyman license requirements are met for specialized tasks to be performed.
  • Make sure handyman professionals have proper handyman insurance coverage. Additional handyman insurance coverage may be required for specialized services. Professionals with employees and handyman subcontractors may require Worker's Compensation.
  • Very briefly outline your home handyman projects; ask whether the handyman professional has the proper skills and experience. Ask additional questions to ascertain whether or not the handyman contractor leads are viable candidates. For instance, are they an independent service provider, or do they work for a company? What about larger, more complex home handyman projects? Is there an in-house work crew of professionals and handyman helpers for a seamless workday and more uniform workmanship? Or will outside handyman subcontractors be necessary; requiring extended scheduling and additional costs? Note: avoid getting hooked into making a hiring decision just yet. You still need time to research credentials; ensuring candidates are trusted handyman professionals who offer reliable handyman services. Preferably, at or below average home handyman rates!
  • If the certified handyman professional has a web site, visit it online. Critique skills and experience. Look over their handyman services list carefully; check out references.
  • Further whittle down your handyman services list. Remove all but 3 or 4 handyman contractor leads, retaining only the most reliable handyman candidates. Connect with each certified handyman professional individually by telephone; arrange for a one-on-one interview.
  • Prepare for the interviews. Write down pertinent questions, and map out the extent and scope of your home handyman projects. If you can find pictures of work similar to what you want achieved, include those.
  • Develop duplicate one-page forms for each handyman professional to fill. Include spaces for handyman license number, handyman insurance coverage (carrier, contact info, etc), full contact information, and referrals. Include space to list industry-related memberships, such as the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. Within the form, outline your home handyman projects. Leave space for handyman contractor leads to fill in what services they themselves can provide, and home handyman rates charged for each service. Allow space for services requiring handyman subcontractors, along with home handyman rates for that work. And space for a formal price quote, for all aspects of your home handyman projects. Note: estimates are not legally binding and can change without notice. Request formal bids or quotes from handyman professionals that include itemized home handyman rates for labor, material costs, permits, and any other expenses.
  • After the interviews for reliable handyman services, check to ensure handyman license requirements are met. Make sure licensing is bone fide and has not expired. Check to ensure handyman insurance coverage information is accurate, and adequate. If candidates will work with handyman subcontractors or handyman helpers, make sure handyman insurance coverage includes Worker's Compensation. Also check references. Ask questions: “What did you like the most about working with the certified handyman professional; what did you like the least?”, “Were local handyman services reliable?”, “Did he/she complete home handyman projects within the expected time frame?”, and “Were home handyman rates consistent with type work and skill provided?”
  • Research to discover whether viable or unresolved complaints exist against the handyman professionals. Check with the BBB, the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, the local building authority, the contractor or building licensing bureau, or one of several “Handyman of America” type organizations that handle complaints against handyman professionals.
  • After completing each step, carefully make your choice. Select the candidate that will render the most reliable handyman services. Connect again to set up a second interview. Note: do not sign-on for local handyman services at this point. You still need to get all details of home handyman projects in writing.
  • Discuss each aspect of the home handyman projects in detail. Make sure you fully understand project requirements. Including project scope, timeline, what handyman services will be included, and what you will be responsible for. Also, home handyman rates for all work, materials, handyman subcontractors services, and all other costs.
  • Get everything in writing. Obtain a copy of a formal contract or work order outlining project details and everything that has been agreed to - signed by all parties involved. The home handyman projects owner, the certified handyman professional, and handyman subcontractors, if relevant. Note: if home handyman projects are complex or long-term, you may want a knowledgeable third-party to go over the contract before signing.

“Step-by-Step Reliable Handyman Services List Research and Hiring Guidelines” worksheet



Trusted handyman professionals providing the most reliable handyman services will guarantee their work. They will supply warrantee information on materials used for the home handyman projects. Trusted handyman professionals will abide by building industry standards for quality work, and set customer satisfaction as a top priority.

A good certified handyman professional will have reasonable home handyman rates. Professional handyman services will be performed with integrity and diligence. Trusted handyman professionals will be also be conscientious. They will show up on time, utilizing only skilled handyman helpers that have undergone background checks. The work site will be cleaned up at the end of each day.

A trustworthy handyman professional will be a promise keeper. He/she will honor contract terms, stick to agreements, and stay within budget. And without exception, trusted handyman professionals will honor state and local handyman insurance coverage and handyman license requirements, as well as all building codes.

As with most other things in life, you usually get what you pay for. Deciding on handyman contractor leads based on who has the lowest home handyman rates is unwise. It could result in hiring a non licensed handyman with un reliable handyman services; shoddy workmanship, inefficient repairs, or even worse. Requiring additional time and money to redo home handyman projects correctly, or offset additional problems. More reasons why researching for the most reliable handyman services possible is prudent.

Home handyman rates should be a consideration, especially in today's wobbly economy. But, even modest home handyman projects represent an investment that needs protecting. You want trusted handyman professionals that exhibit honesty, expertise, skill, and reliability. With a proven track record for accessible, reliable handyman services. Aspects determined only through research!

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