How To Install Ceramic Floor Tiles In Your Bathroom

Among the many things that homeowners attempt to do with their new house is to completely remodel the bathrooms and kitchen into something that fits both their aesthetic and functional style much better than whatever came with the house. And, to be honest, you can attempt to chance the fixtures and the faucets and the cabinets in your bathroom all you want, but you will not build the bathroom of your dreams without first remodeling the floor. The floor of a bathroom is the single, predominant feature that visually defines the room.

Many do it yourself homeowners blanch at attempting to install new ceramic tile floors into their bathroom. And to be honest, it is a very involved process, and will take a considerable amount of time and energy to pull off. But once you do, you will be astounded at what a difference a new tile floor will make to your bathroom.

Here is a five-step guide to installing a new ceramic tile floor into your bathroom.

Measure The Room Completely

Take measurements of the existing floor, and be sure to note the measurements around all of the fixtures and installed furniture in the room. Also, you will need to find the exact center of the floor, and this is a good time to determine this.

Cut And Form Cement Board To Size

You will need to shape the cement board that you purchased for this installation, using the measurements you took, to the exact size and layout of the bathroom floor. Cement board is a tough material, but it can be cut with a hand saw. Avoid power saws, as they tend to obliterate the mesh material.

Arrange The Cement Board Segments

Lay out each piece of cut cement board into place on the bathroom floor. You will then need to secure the cement board segments with a drill or a powered screw gun. For this, be sure to use the cement board screws that can be found in the hardware section of your local big box home improvement store. You will want to place screws every five to nine inches along edges of each piece. Make sure that the cement boards are tight against each other.

Arrange The Ceramic Tiles

In most cases, unless you are utilizing a specialty type of tile, your patterned tiles will come in a square sheet that will be one foot by one foot. Always attempt to keep these sheets together, and only cut where needed to fit around fixtures and furniture.

Apply The Tile Adhesive

Apply the adhesive substance to the back of each sheet of tile, as you prepare to lay it down onto the floor. The layer of adhesive should be about as thick as the ceramic tiles you are installing. Be sure to set the tile for the center of the room first, and then work your way around the perimeter afterward.

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