Navigating The Basics Of Siding Materials And Installation

If you want to revamp the exterior look of your home, and you are unsure of what your options are, or if you are simply tired of the exterior material of your home, there are a number of siding options available to you that can make your home look great, stay clean and improve energy efficiency. Here are just a few to help you get an idea of the options available to you. Remember, every house is different, with unique needs and requirements. Consulting a siding contractor about the right material and installation options is always suggested.


Though aluminum siding became popular in the 1950s, and may seem old fashioned now, it is an extremely popular material for siding due to its resiliency, its ability to prevent corrosion, and its ability to withstand cracking and normal wear and tear. It is also fire proof.


Stucco is a material that is made of cement, water and various loose materials such as lime stone, rock and sand. It is among the most popular of siding options even today. They are generally durable, and when tinted properly, it does not have to be painted. Which is good, because painting stucco can be very difficult.


Vinyl is a composite material that is made from PVC plastic. It does not rot, flake or corrode, is fairly inexpensive and it cannot be dented, dinged chipped the way wood and metal siding can be. Vinyl is susceptible to cracking, fading and the elements.

Cedar Shingle

Using cedar shingles is a great way to help your home blend into wooded or rustic areas. The shingles are made from natural cedar wood, and can be tinted and treated in a variety of colors. They give the home the look of real wood, and they require virtually no upkeep to maintain their beautiful appearance. Painting cedar shingles is not advised, as paint tends to peel off of them very quickly.


Brick is a solid siding option, whether you get the actual bricks and mortar them to your house, or if you choose brick veneer siding instead. They come in the color that they are made in, they do not have to be stained, painted or treated in any way, and they are incredibly resistant to most kinds of damage, both human and environmental. Also, they are fireproof and offer a fair amount of protection from all manner of calamities.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, much like the brick veneer, gives the house an earthy look, and requires little in the way of maintenance or upkeep. You select the color, and you will never have to paint your house again. It is reasonably durable and usually made of fire resistant materials. Most veneer siding is usually fairly easy to install, but it depends upon the layout of your home and the size of it as well.

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