Learn How to Save Money Hiring a Siding Contractor

Replacing your siding can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home, not to mention improve the energy efficiency and comfort level inside the house. But due to the type and conditions of work, siding is usually not a DIY project. Keep this home improvement within budget and learn how to save money hiring a siding contractor.

The general cost of removal and installation will obviously depend on the size and scale of the siding project. Is there only a small section that needs repair? Or will the entire facade of your home need to be updated with new siding? No matter how big or small, these steps will help you keep the cost of labor down.

Study and Know Your Stuff

Learn what you can about the industry, process and various products involved with a siding project before calling in the contractors. Whether online or in a home improvement book, there is plenty of information out there about the different types of siding, the methods of installation and the pros and cons of everything within the industry. Get familiar with it all, if time permits. With this knowledge you can make better, more informed decisions.

There is a better chance of keeping the costs down if you know what type of siding you want before the contractors come. Vinyl siding is the most popular, but wood and composite siding are still highly in demand for the visual and design appeal. By making up your mind ahead of time, you're less likely to be sold on a product you don't necessarily need or ultimately want.

Also, when you know exactly what you want it's easier for you to compare prices. It's also easier for the contractor to quote, which may make the whole process go more smoothly.

Shop Around and Compare

Like any other major home improvement, siding projects should be quoted by at least three local contractors. There is likely to be a wide selection of companies that offer siding installation, so ask around and be sure to contact at least three.

Make sure they will come to your house and thoroughly inspect the conditions of the job. Any contractor who will give you a price over the phone or won't spend more than five minutes in your yard is not worth the money. Those are the companies that are likely to surprise you with extra costs once the job is done.

Try to have at least one dedicated siding installer quote the job. Many general contractors have the staff to handle a siding project, but bringing in a company that only works on siding jobs will give you a better comparison. They're likely to have the most accurate industry information and offer the best advice. Take that into account when comparing the prices, as sometimes these contractors submit higher quotes.

Ask the One You Trust

After you've done the research and have those three quotes in your hand it's time to compare them side by side. Make sure they're all quoting the same product and that the job covers the same scope of work. Look beyond the bottom line and consider warranty, experience and trustworthiness. The cheapest quote can sometimes cost you more money in the end with service and repair issues.

If you decide on a contractor that has submitted a higher price than the others don't be afraid to ask that company to match or come close to the other prices. Be sure that the quotes cover identical or very similar materials and be understanding if the contractor says no. It never hurts to ask.

Your siding project will transform the look and feel of your home. Trim the budget on this major home renovation by learning how to save money hiring a siding contractor. Know your stuff and be informed before calling at least three reputable contractors to quote on the project. In the end, choose the one you feel will deliver the best product for the best value, but don't be afraid to ask a contractor to come down a little on their initial bid. Ensure your siding project is done right by a trained professional and the money spent will be well worth it.

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