Why General Contractors are the Ideal Choice For Custom Home Renovations

Your tastes are unique. And the lifestyle of your family dictates the designs and features including in your living space. Many suburban homes today are built in the cookie cutter model - slight modifications are made to the colors and finishes, but for the most part these new build houses are the same. But doesn't your family deserve more? Wouldn't it be wise to invest in a home and living space that is tailor made to suit your tastes and lifestyle? A general contractor is the wisest professional to hire when building a new custom home or tackling a major home renovation project. Their expertise and attention to detail are invaluable.

New Projects

Building a new home is an exciting, yet stressful experience. It is imperative that your investment be entrusted to a contractor that will not only have the work completed to meet building codes, but will use professional and reliable tradesmen and high quality materials. It may be difficult to find that sort of company in a highly developed subdivision. But the well established general contractors in your region should be more than capable of fitting the bill.

From conception to design and construction, a good general contracting firm will partner with you and bring along their team of experts in the architecture and engineering fields, as well as a variety of qualified subtrades. From the excavator to the roofer, the quality of these professionals is what will ultimately determine the value of your home.

Hire the general contractor soon after you have purchased a building lot. That way this professional can guide you through the design stages, as well as any building permit applications and other legal legwork. When things are handled in an organized way from the very beginning the entire project will run smoothly.

Renovations and Remodels

General contractors are also skilled at major home renovations and room remodeling projects. Is your kitchen dated and in need of a facelift? Does the bathroom require an overhaul or expansion? Are you looking to build an addition for more living space? Or is it finally time to finish the basement? All of these projects can be efficiently and expertly handled by a general contracting firm.

Some homeowners wonder why general contractors are a better choice than contracting firms that specialize in certain renovation projects. A kitchen remodeling firm, for instance, should know more about how to renovate this important room, right? Depending on the contractor you hire, they may or may not be able to offer the wide-ranging expertise that general contracting firms can. Will your new kitchen require an extension of the roof? Will any walls need to be knocked down (especially load bearing walls or those with major plumbing or electrical running through them)? General contractors are trained in every discipline and have the subtrades available to take care of any project pertaining to your renovation. Trust them to handle everything efficiently.

Restoration and Repairs

You can also trust general contracting firms to handle major restoration and repair jobs. Burst pipes will cause incredible damage to flooring, walls, finishes and even structural elements of your home. Storm damage can take out windows, doors, roofing and framing. Snow build up and ice dams will not only destroy your roof, but can wreak havoc on the trusses, framing and insulation inside the attic. Having a skilled contractor handle these restorations is vital to the health and safety of your family.

Not only will experienced general contractors handle the repairs and restoration of your living space, but they can also walk through solutions and alterations that may help you avoid the issue in the future. In the case of flooding, your grading and foundation can be changed to improve drainage and eliminate the risks of this damage happening again. If a fire has occurred in your home due to electrical problems your general contractor will be sure that the system is brought up to date and that all dangers are addressed properly. Roof damage due to snow build up or ice dams may be avoided if the slope or pitch is adjusted and general contractors can help with that renovation.

Protect your family by calling on the expertise of general contractors to repair the damage. This will help to avoid unhealthy issues such as mold or mildew build up. But be sure to have the contracting firm assess the problems that led up to the damage and ask for solutions that will make your home a more comfortable, safer place to live.

Why Custom Is Worth the Investment

Consumers may hear the word "custom" and assume that it describes something more expensive or out of their price range. In reality, a custom project can be done for nearly any price. What makes this style of work stand out is the focus. Custom renovations and construction are made with your specific needs and tastes in mind, instead of being designed and built to vague or far-reaching specifications.

Some builders design and construct using methods and materials that are cost effective and easily accessible. This home or renovation may suit your family, but it is much more likely that an alteration here or there will deliver much more value. That is the beauty of custom work. It can be pricey, but the investment will be worthwhile simply for the increased value this type of project will offer your family.

Whether for new builds, major renovations or restoration and repair projects, general contractors offer the ideal solutions. Custom designed and expertly built structures, high quality materials and the organization, subtrades and knowledge needed to bring your dreams to life are available through your local general contractor. Consider hiring them earlier on in the project to make the most of your investment. Skip the cookie cutter contractors and hire a firm with the experience and style you deserve.

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