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Whether it's a large deck system or multi-room bath and spa renovation contractors are busy with remodeling homes for the next decade. It's hard to think that the first ten years of the new Millennium is almost over and what once was the hottest style in home renovations is now looking tired and dated. Some of the styles, like many features on the exterior, just need paint and some trim work but kitchens and bathrooms are beginning to lose their luster.

Kitchen Styles

Since kitchen cabinets first began making waves in magazines there has always been an underlying style: natural wood, Arborite, colored melamine, etc. However, the new kitchen styles are not by-the-book anymore, meaning that there are no must-have designs that a homeowner just has to get in before Christmas. In other words, a kitchen is becoming a reflection of the homeowner's tastes and renovation contractors are ready for about anything in that space!

Colors: For example, followers of modern styles are immersed in glossy colors. Bright red, lime green and aqua blue are the chic styles for the brave ones. Whereas, those with sophisticated tastes are leaning toward a more contemporary look: dark woods framed with stainless-steel.

Curves: The odds-on favorite for the new decade is a more European look with clean, mirrored surfaces and open spaces. In addition, the boxy look of cabinets is going to grow curves with traditional furniture flair

Drawers: Cabinet doors are being changed for drawers and everything is either being stored or washed in them. Appliance manufacturers are designing their workings to fit into drawers: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and warming drawers. This is so the homeowner can just flip open a drawer to get a head of lettuce instead of walking over to the static refrigerator. Then the dishes and pots are slipped down into a drawer without having to bend over and load dishwasher. Renovation contractors who specialize in kitchens are well-versed on the new appliances.

Countertops: Granite and marble are being pushed aside by composite countertops. They have the look and feel of natural stone without the stains. The natural beauty of stone is found in composites like Zodiaq and Silestone. These are made from quartz particles mixed with a synthetic bonding element and have the durability and heat-resistance of granite but offer more colors and finishes.

Bathroom Styles

Renovation contractors are making bathrooms larger so much so that space has to be taken from other areas of the homes. Why? Because the new multi-room bathrooms are not just bathrooms anymore. They are end-use relaxation centers that include a spa room, shower and soaker tub room and a relaxation are with a sofa bed and television. Tile is still the floor of choice and watch it climb the walls to the ceiling as well.

Soaker Tub: A Japanese innovation, this tub is large enough to stretch your legs out and high enough to completely submerse yourself in water. As well, there are hot air bubblers that massage you more evenly that a jet spa tub.

Shower Areas: The shower has split into two camps. The first shower style is a large, glass-fronted shower area with seat and multi-jet sprays. The second idea is an enclosed showering cabinet with a steam bath. Ad to this a stereo, television and colortherapy lighting and the shower becomes a home entertainment center.


Renovation contractors are building decks larger and more functional. Rather than the old single style surface the new decks are a system of layered platforms that include small trees, spas and other ornamentation. On the other spectrum the deck has become an outdoor living space with furniture and appliances similar to those found inside the home. The kitchen for example, is a full-service area with burners, ovens and microwave and a large fireplace and chimney keep the family warm outside on a cool night.

In-Law Suites

The new reality regarding the economy means that more children are either returning home or staying put. In addition, with the price of old-age homes through the roof the demand for a basement apartment in the family home is growing. Renovation contractors recognize this trend in multi-generational living and are ready to advise the homeowner many ways to create usable space. Older people need assistance with getting around and so bathrooms and doorways can be made bigger and devices like elevators put in.

Not only are renovation contractors looking down for extra space they are taking the roofs off homes and adding space out the back. All manner of creating more space requires good planning and a dependable contractor but these are available. For more information on renovation contractors that can help you go with the new trends consult our Contractor Directory or simply post your project online and one will contact you.

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