Effective Planning for Home Remodeling

There is a time in the lives of many homeowners where their present surroundings just don't cut it anymore. This could be for many reasons: growing family, home needs repairing, children have moved out, resale. However, the main reason for home improvement remodeling is because the owners are bored with the look.

With the new advancements in technology and changing styles the style of the bathroom may be too stark or the white kitchen cabinets with the oak trim may remind you of the inside of a medical clinic. This is all too common even though many people try to overcome this by painting or changing drapery in order to rekindle the look.

For those who choose home remodeling there are main differences between those who remodel for their lifestyle and owners who are concerned about getting a high dollar on resale. In the latter case the remodeling may be higher end because the seller wants to attract the high dollars that this may bring. Therefore, they may go with granite countertops, expensive wood flooring and natural stone tile in the bathroom. These are beautiful materials and will increase the value of your home considerably. However, many of the home resellers are planning on recouping their expenditures with a big dollar return while the average homeowner may have to carry the balance of the remodel for a few years or even re-mortgage the home.

The main concern of a homeowner should be that home remodeling is living with the project until it is complete. This means the mess, even if the general contractor is well organized there will be workers coming in and out of your home and your family's lives and scheduling will be disrupted. In other words, it could be a “free for all” and organized people are not accustomed to this so this is why planning is so important. Here are some tips:

Accurate Plans: There is nothing more important than having a set of plans that indicate where everything will go right down to the exact placement of the towel rack in the bathroom. Think of it this way, the more detailed the plans the less the mistakes. It's like other things in life like being a boss or father: no one can assume what you want so be specific.

Where is the Work?: One of the best places to do a home remodel is in the basement because then the mess is confined in one place. This is the same with a home addition because the contractor is building a new structure outside and, until the union between the new part and the house is initiated, everything stays outside. However, in both cases you have to consider the mess in the yard and driveway and you might jot be able to get into the garage. Discuss this with the contractor beforehand.

In cases where the upstairs is being completely renovated or the roof is being raised for a new living space then moving is the only option. Even if the disruption of daily life and the mess coming down from above did not bother you the safety regulations may force you to move. This could be anywhere from 6 to 8 months depending on the project.

Duration: Have the contractor come up with a workable schedule fr the completion and let he or she know that anything later is unacceptable. You may think that allowing delays is being reasonable but not if these delays are because the contractor took on another job during your allotted time and you are suffering the consequences because of it. Be specific about this in the contract and you can even request a work time schedule when they are working on the bid.

Clean-Up: Arrange for the contractor to have the site cleaned up every day. Also have the dumpster placed in a convenient spot which will not impede your driveway.

Damage Control: In our world of digital camera and camera phones there is no excuse not to have your whole home documented in files. Let the contractor know that everything will be documented so that if the pavers in your driveway have been damaged or shrubs run over you can advise the contractor to get a landscaper to fix it. This may not seem important now but take a look at how heavy a cement truck is and what the weight can do to your yard.

This also includes the interior. If workmen are walking in and out of the home they should have heavy tarps and other protective coverings. Your hardwood flooring may be 20 years old with a beautifully aged color. If this is damaged there is no way you can fix this floor without a complete refinishing.

Insurance: One of the last things you want t happen is for a worker to get hurt while doing your project. However, the worst thing that can happen is if you are held responsible for the accident because your contractor did not have the proper insurance coverage. For the bidding let the parties know that they must submit copies of current insurance coverage that can be checked.

Specific Materials: If you want a set of brushed-nickel, goose-neck faucets made by Moen or antique-brass door pulls for the cabinets and drawers it's better to go buy them yourself. This will ensure that they are on site when the installation begins. Sometimes it's hard for a contractor to send someone to pick up what you want. This will save many steps. This goes for a range hood, light fixtures and other small items.

Satellite Facilities: For a lengthy renovation you may need to have new work areas for the family. For example, if you are doing a basement renovation you may need a temporary washer hook-up put in in the kitchen so that you laundry needs can be met. In addition, rather than having a smelly portable toilet sitting on you lawn tray to provide a main floor bathroom for the workers. Line the floor with cardboard and make a cardboard path to the basement door.

When you are renovating the best solution is a professional contractor who knows the ropes. One of the best places to find one is through our Contractor Directory or by going on our site and posting your project. You can then work with an experienced professional to complete your dream project.

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