Selecting Just the Right Wood Fence or Garden Screen to Compliment Your Landscape

Designs for privacy screens and wood fence type vary. What style will best suit your needs and compliment your home's exterior and landscaping design? Consider the possibilities listed below:

  • Vertical board fences - popular and easy to build. They can be constructed with boards nailed vertically to one side, or alternated to allow more air current.
  • Louver-style fences and screens - offer great ventilation, and are an especially attractive choice. They usually consist of 1x6 or 1x8 boards; angled and slightly overlapped. The higher the degree of the angle, the more privacy allowed.
  • Open slate design - upright1x3s spaced their own width apart gives an open-slat design. The boards are secured top, bottom, and middle using larger dimension lumber. Or, space boards close together for a privacy slat fence.
  • Lattice fence panel - used to create a variety of decorative effects. As a lattice fence or screen body itself, or along the top 1/3rd portion only of vertical planks.
  • Notched lattice - an interesting design. Buy either lattice panels pre-made, purchase notched strips to make the lattice design, or notch the strips yourself.
  • Garden type 1x2-lattice - a great, inexpensive choice when vines are grown along it, to enhance privacy. Combining lattice work and brick can also create a striking fence.
  • Grid pattern - vertical and horizontal strips that make a strong grid pattern. This can be an inexpensive option when “fall-down” lath is used; making a rough-textured lattice that varies in thickness.
  • Basket weave panels - available ready made. Many lumber centers also sell vertically grooved posts for the panels to fit into.

Some fences and screens with a horizontal board design can use the same type pre-grooved posts as for a basket weave fence. And of course, there are also picket fence, split rail fence, and other wood fence style options from which to select.

A good wood screen or fence idea is to fit plywood panels into pre-grooved posts; vertically or horizontally. Stain and seal the panels; stagger plant hangers along the length, with baskets of flowers cascading over the sides for a striking yet relatively inexpensive fence or screen design.

Wood Fence and Screen Tips for that “Just Right Touch”

If the fence line is going to be long, make variations to add interest and prevent it from looking monotonous.

Lattice work inserts, hanging plants, patio decorations and hangings made for fences, strings of patio lights, or a contrasting-style gate all work well. And help to turn an otherwise ordinary looking fence into one with designer appeal.

The use of flowers and shrubs will make the fence look warm and inviting, instead of imprisoning. And situating a cast iron park bench or an outdoor park bench made from concrete, stone, or wood near a garden screen with the sedating scent of herbs nearby creates a cozy spot enhanced with aroma therapy; to read or meditate.

Know Exactly What you Want Before Beginning your Project

Before beginning your yard fence or garden screen project, look through landscaping magazines, and drive around your neighborhood to get ideas. Select a style within your budget that will compliment your house and landscape design.

Also consider the main purpose of the fence/screen. Will it be for privacy, to bring balance to the yard or tie elements together? Will it be to section off an area of the yard for a specific purpose - such as for walk-through garden landscaping or wildlife garden area? For a landscape nature garden pond or pool; to compliment a backyard patio landscaping design, or to hide aspects of the yard - such as trash bins or a compost pile?

Leave the wood natural for a weathered effect; stain it, or paint it the same color as your house or in a contrasting color that is complimentary. If building a fence, use leftover materials to make a matching screen to enhance a nook of the yard; beside a garden pond, or alongside a rose garden with a park bench, for instance.

You'll be surprised just how much the right type fence or screen can enhance your landscape; and increase the privacy of your yard. A well-constructed fence can also enhance the real estate value of your home.

Getting the Right Fence or Screen at the Right Price

Of course, you might want to build your own privacy screen or yard fence as a do it yourself landscaping project. But, for help constructing a custom fence or screen to add interest and compliment your landscape, connect with a fence and landscaping focused professional contractor. One great resource available is

Becoming a member and posting your wood fence or garden screen project requirements online is quick, easy, and free - with no obligation. Reliable, experienced contractors in your area will contact you with competitive bids to “win” your project. Helping to ensure landscape contractor quality workmanship at a great price!

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