Home Remodeling - Replacing Your Kitchen Countertops

As a homeowner, you have likely discovered one of the sacred truths that many people go their whole lives never discovering - that the kitchen is the lifeblood of any home. You and your family eat there, prepare your meals their, most likely spend a great deal of time in there. So it is only natural that you make it the nicest, most inviting part of your home, both structurally and aesthetically.

While there are many things that are likely on your list of remodeling priorities for redesigning your kitchen - appliances, tile work, flooring, cabinets - one of the quickest remodeling fixes for your kitchen is essentially one of the easiest and least costly to acquire. By simply replacing the countertops in your kitchen, you take care of the one part of the kitchen that you interact with every time you are in there.

It is often the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. The countertops in your kitchen are the functional and visual anchors for the room. So, when you have an eye toward remodeling your kitchen, it is probably a good idea to consider your options with the countertops first, as just about everything else will follow according to their look and function. When shopping for replacement kitchen countertops, there are few key things you need to consider, though.

Efficient Design

The design of your new kitchen countertops must be practical for the shape and layout of the room, and usually they must be custom designed to the specific specs of your kitchen. Look for countertops that provide wide, flat spaces that make cooking and food preparation a snap, and avoid layouts that jut into the kitchen and cut off walking space. Also, avoid countertops that are not beveled along the edges, for these can cause injury to small children and adults who are not paying attention. You want the countertops to blend into the room and make good use of the space available in an easy and efficient way.

Compatible Color

When redesigning a kitchen, consider the colors you want first, including the primary, trim and accent colors, and stick to them. Before you plunk down a chunk of money for new kitchen countertops, have the color scheme of the entire kitchen redesign locked in, because once you commit yourself by purchasing and installing the new countertops, you will have little room to change your mind.

Quality Material

Make sure that your new kitchen countertops are made from quality, durable materials that last long into the future. Some cheap, fly by night contractors and suppliers will give you new laminate countertops that you are told are some form of durable composite, but they are in fact little more than pressed particle board or cheap molded plastic. Either go for ceramic tile, slate or granite countertops for cost-effective and long lasting counters.

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