Top Five Considerations Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are extremely popular and valuable projects. A new bathroom will add a lot to your home, from function and form to a better quality of day to day life. Putting in a new powder room on the main floor, expanding the family bath or remodeling the master bedroom ensuite are all very worthwhile and require a few important considerations before you get started.

1 - Consider the Hot Water System

Where you put in a bathroom is determined by different factors. By installing a shower or tub close to the hot water tank you will cut down on the necessary wait time for a hot shower or bath. And locating bathrooms close to the hot water heater is not the only way to create an efficient system. Share plumbing behind the walls and concentrate bathrooms on different levels within one area of the home to create the tightest, most direct route for this vital system.

2 - Consider the Waste Water

When you have a septic system the addition of a bathroom can have serious implications. If an added toilet or shower pushes the limits of your current set up you could be forced into doing an entire overhaul of the septic system. Costly and time consuming, this type of project may be a building code requirement and could even shut your job down if you've gone ahead without full compliance. Find out what the maximum capacity is for current system and use that to determine what fixtures to include in your new bathroom renovation.

3 - Consider the Sizing Issue

In a bathroom the size of the plumbing pipes and venting system is important. Find out ahead of time whether your current system will hold up. Take advantage of any rough ins that the builder left and create a rough in yourself for future projects. Remember that generally in new homes the plumbing has been sized with the rough in calculated into the data. An improperly sized venting system can be dangerous and if allowed to dry up, it could present a health problem as well.

4 - Consider Today's Designs In Light Of Tomorrow

Following trends can also be a dangerous thing, resulting in plenty of money being spent and more work necessary to replace a bold fixture. Be sure to think long and hard about the styling in your bathroom remodel and opt for fixtures and a dècor theme you can live with for decades. Fashionable items can be found all over your home if that's what you want, just try to keep the major fixtures in a bathroom renovation classic in nature. That way their appeal can be around for a lifetime and beyond.

5 - Consider Energy Efficiency

Now is the perfect time to go green. When you're planning for a renovation, removing old fixtures and completely remodeling how a bathroom layout works including energy efficient elements is simple and just makes sense. Choose CFL light bulbs and natural, renewable resources for the different elements of your bathroom. How about a low flow or dual flush toilet to curb excess water usage? There is a variety of ways to make your new bathroom greener without adding a ton of money to the budget.

Before beginning your bathroom renovation, think about your water heater and the waste water system, the optimum location of the room and how to design a space with classic appeal. Finally decide how you can incorporate more green options into your new bathroom and look forward to a valuable renovation project that has benefits for your daily life.

Posted by: diana
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