Using the TrustedPros Logo

To ensure that the TrustedPros brand and reputation is not misused we have implemented some basic rules as to how TrustedPros members may use the TrustedPros logo. The following are some simple tips and rules for all TrustedPros members:

  • All members must ensure that all advertising they participate in conforms to the following TrustedPros Code of Advertising. Code of Advertising The primary responsibility for truthful and non-deceptive advertising rests with the advertiser. Advertisers should be prepared to substantiate any claims or offers made before publication or broadcast and, upon request, present such substantiation promptly to the advertising medium or the TrustedPros Inc.
    Advertisements which are untrue, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, falsely disparaging of competitors, or insincere offers to sell, shall not be used.
  • As a TrustedPros member you may state at any time in words that you are member of “TrustedPros.”
  • As a TrustedPros member you may display the TrustedPros member badge, decal or logo at your place of business, printed material, at trade shows and on your business owned vehicles and uniforms. Decals can be ordered here.
  • You may advertise (via print, radio, television) your membership within TrustedPros. Click here to download the artwork for the TrustedPros badges or click here to download the TrustedPros logo.
  • You may display the TrustedPros Badge and/or Rating Widget anywhere on your web site. Click here to access our rating widgets or click here to access the TrustedPros badges.
  • If you are a “Best of TrustedPros” winner you may advertise or announce this achievement but only as long as you maintain a minimum 4 star rating with TrustedPros. Any use of your “Best of TrustedPros” achievement must include the year(s) in which you won. A “Best of TrustedPros” winner graphic/logo is available for inclusion at your place of business, printed material, at trade shows and on your business owned vehicles and uniforms.  To order “Best of TrustedPros” decals please click here. To request "Best of TrustedPros" artwork contact
  • TrustedPros is available to review any and all of your advertising materials to ensure your business complies with TrustedPros Code of Advertising and the terms and conditions of TrustedPros logo use.
  • If for any reason your membership is terminated you must immediately remove all TrustedPros member logos and decals and the TrustedPros online dynamic badge from all places your businesses advertises.

If you have any additional questions regarding the use of TrustedPros logo please contact and we'll do our best to get back to you within 24hours.