TrustedPros values community, education, and opportunity.

In 2004, we began building a community of homeowners to support one another. Since then, we've helped homeowners find the best professionals for their home improvement jobs. And, we've helped improve the contracting industry for homeowners, and professionals.

TrustedPros is currently expanding its community outreach efforts. In 2014, we introduced our annual TrustedPros $1,000 academic scholarship. In 2015, we launched our Student Works program to help students fund their school tuition.

In 2016, TrustedPros is excited to launch The LIFE Program (Local Initiatives to Fundraise for Everybody): a fundraiser available for community groups, schools, and sports teams.

What it is

The LIFE Program is based off of a crowd-funding model with one main difference: TrustedPros funds your cause for free. So, your community, friends, or family help you raise money without spending a dime.

That's right. We help you raise funds throughout the year without asking your friends and family for any money at all. It's the best way for groups to fundraise money for extra support.

Here's how it works

  1. Click the "Start a Fundraiser" button above to begin your LIFE Campaign.
  2. Set a fundraising and a timeline goal for yourself.
  3. We will create a unique TrustedPros webpage for your group, team, or school.
  4. You will use this page to collect contactor review submissions from anyone who participates in your fundraising campaign.
  5. Share this page with everyone you know!
  6. Participants can submit reviews for any home improvement contractor—plumbers, electricians, handymen, roofers, etc.- they've hired in the past 5 years in Canada or the United States.
  7. TrustedPros will donate money (CAD) for each review posted via your TrustedPros webpage if it meets our Review Guidelines.
  8. TrustedPros will send you all of the funds that you have raised throughout your LIFE Campaign at the end of your campaign.

The perks

  • No risk. Try out our fundraising opportunity. If you decide it isn't for you, no worries. We will still send you all of the funds that you have raised with us.
  • Flexible. Craft a fundraising campaign that fits with your schedule. You get choose the end date.
  • Access to management tools. As the coordinator, you will have access to campaign management tools. These will help you keep track of reviews posted and total funds raised!
  • Bonus donations. If your group, team, or school can raise $500.00 with us, we'll send you an extra $100.00 just for being awesome!

Why it works

  • Participants don't have to buy anything to help your group, school, or team raise money. You can rely on us to fundraise the money for you.
  • Homeowners have hired multiple contractors in the last five years. Take advantage of this! You can receive donations for each review that a participant posts, so long as it abides by our Review Guidelines.
  • You can reach out for help across the U.S. Reach out to your network on the other side of the country. Anyone who has hired a contractor in the last 5 years in the United States can help your group, school or team raise money. This fundraiser is not limited to your immediate family, or community.
  • TrustedPros isn't taking money from your participants. Many fundraising opportunities look to profit off of their participants. TrustedPros does not profit from processing, or service fees deducted from the program, or from its participants. Your group receives whole donations, as they were intended.

Join schools, sports teams, and non-profit groups that are raising money without having to ask for money.

To request more information about our fundraising program, please email our Fundraising Team:

If you're ready to start a LIFE Fundraising Campaign with TrustedPros, click here!

*All campaigns must be approved by the TrustedPros Fundraising Team. A limited amount of fundraising campaigns are eligible to run at any given time.