TrustedPros Scholarships

Designed to support and encourage growth of construction and home improvement trades.

As the demand for construction and home improvement specialists in the US and Canada continues to grow, the need for skilled tradespeople is increasing by leaps and bounds. This will depend largely on the ability of training programs to turn out highly-qualified individuals who will provide the backbone of the industry.

To help ensure that these fields will be able to meet the need for specialized skills in years to come, Toronto-based home improvement platform TrustedPros has instituted a scholarship program.

To help qualified applicant meets the demand of rising tuition, TrustedPros will award two yearly scholarships (one to a Canadian resident and the other to a US resident). Each scholarship is in the amount of $1,000CAD, and will be awarded to qualified applicants enrolled in a residential renovation or construction trade-related course of study. Scholarships winners may apply the funds to the cost of tuition or textbooks.

Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who submit an essay determined to be of the highest-quality. Winners will have met the other terms of qualification. Individuals who are awarded a scholarship will not be eligible to reapply in the future.

Academic scholarship opportunity

Initial Qualification

Those interested in applying for applying for scholarship consideration must:

  • Be Canadian or US residents enrolled in an accredited Canadian or US college, university or trade school
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a demonstrated financial need.

How do I Apply?

Written Component

To apply, applicants must prepare and submit an essay (1,000-word minimum) related to the trade program in which they are currently involved.

This essay must provide a detailed discussion concerning how their chosen field might be improved.

Additional Documents

Applicants must submit a copy of the most recent transcript, or official document which provides their grade point average.

Applicants must also submit a letter demonstrating financial need.

Which Types of Tradespeople Can Apply?

  • Architectural Design & Building Technician
  • Brick and Stone Mason
  • Carpentry / Cabinetmaking
  • Home Renovations Technology
  • Cement (Concrete) Finisher
  • Contractor/Construction Management
  • Construction Technician
  • Construction Craft Worker
  • Construction Millwright
  • Drywall Finisher and Plasterer
  • Drywall, Acoustic and Lathing Applicator
  • Electrician
  • Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic
  • Floor Covering Installer
  • General Carpenter
  • Painter and Decorator
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic
  • Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic
  • HVAC
  • Restoration Mason
  • Roofing
  • Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer
  • Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Setter


Please email your essay and all required documents to

Submission Deadlines:
December 15th of each calendar year.

Award Dates:
January 15th of the following calendar year.

Terms of this Scholarship

By submitting an entry to the TrustedPros Scholarship, you transfer all rights and ownership of the submitted content to TrustedPros, regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. TrustedPros reserves the right to publish submitted work at the conclusion of the entry period. Selection of the winning submission is entirely at the discretion of TrustedPros. The winner will be contacted by TrustedPros via the email address used for submission. The winner will be confirmed only after providing proof of enrollment in the form of a copy of a tuition bill or letter of proof from the accredited Canadian college, university or trade school at which the winner is enrolled. Upon confirmation of enrollment, the winner will be publicly announced on, and TrustedPros will mail the winner their cheque.


Recipents of the TrustedPros Scholarship


Janelle Hardy from Duncan, British Columbia

Jenelle Hardy

Hailing from Duncan British Columbia, Janelle is studying Carpentry at Camosun College, and is in the midst of completing her first year apprenticeship hours.

The tiny house movement and desire for housing equality in Canada motivates Janelle to pursue carpentry. She expresses how carpentry will help her move forward within the tiny house niche. Janelle believes that tiny housing is a burgeoning market, and this industry fulfills the most basic desire for shelter that everyone has, but not everyone can obtain.

TrustedPros chose Janelle as our 2015 Scholarship winner because she expressed a deep desire to change the current housing market, with a realistic and tangible way to do it.

Janelle touched on values that can help the housing industry progress via social entrepreneurship. While doing this, she revealed realities within the housing and construction industries. She illuminated the social issues that arise from these realities. Without a doubt, Janelle provided a clear resolution with a personal plan of action.

Her essay was informative and revealing. Janelle went deeper into the unaffordable housing market conundrum than our news sources, and brought it down to a personal level. Explaining how housing has turned into a stiff economic competition available to few, Janelle revealed new facts about the industry that weren't about rising numbers, or gentrification.

Janelle showed our team how this new industry can accommodate the entire Canadian economic stratum, among other things. Janelle really captivated us with her passion and story.  

We congratulate Janelle on following her yearning desire for a type of shelter available to all Canadians across the board.