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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrustedPros?

The most effective form of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. This is because people respond well to personal recommendations. A recent study by BrightLocal revealed that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In this fashion, TrustedPros is here to expand your local neighborhood and help you grow your business.

With our online word-of-mouth directory, consumers rank local renovators, repairmen, and other home service providers based on their experience – helping others to find the best provider for their job.

How is TrustedPros different from other directories?

For starters, companies are not listed alphabetically. Instead, they earn their way up the list by building a good reputation through written reviews, and unlike other directories, the process of screening reviews is top priority for us. Our rigorous screening process allows us to effectively catch fake reviews posted by other contractors within our system trying falsely to boost their online reputation.

Additionally, we are more than just a directory; we are also a lead generation service. This works to benefit both the consumer and the business owner. Why? Consumers can post their project and connect with local pros without having to search for hours through the yellow pages or online directories. Business owners are notified of new projects and can immediately submit their response.

Who uses TrustedPros?

Most of the over 150,000 visitors each month comes from homeowners or business owners who are looking to hire improvement professionals, builders, or other service providers. These are individuals looking to simplify their search for quality professionals.

How does TrustedPros work?

For a consumer, there are two options. First, they can browse the directory and choose a provider they wish to work with. Second, they submit a job and wait for responses from local members of TrustedPros.

For business owners, the important thing to do first is register under a Free Basic Listing, which allows you to properly setup your company profile that will be visible via our popular contractor directory. Since your company profile is the most important tool in obtaining success with TrustedPros it's important that you request reviews from your past and present clients – any client you've done work for is entitled to submit a review! Once your profile is setup and you've acquired a few customer reviews, you can upgrade to our Premium Membership which will improve your ranking – increasing your overall exposure, give you access to leads posted within your service, allow you to add a cover photo, logo and photo gallery, link to your company website and much more.

How do I improve my visibility?

The best way to increase your visibility is by getting plenty of positive reviews from customers. Also, make sure that your profile is complete and participate in our ‘Ask the Pros' forum.

If you want to further improve your company visibility though, that starts with a Premium Listing.

How do I respond to a bad review?

Bad reviews happen. It's a fact of life, and no matter how great your service is you will likely get them. The best way to respond to a bad review is with kindness. Respond to the complaint, and try to work through it. This shows professionalism and courtesy, which will not go unnoticed. Consumers will not only judge you based on the positive reviews you have but also how you choose to deal with negative feedback.

How do you safeguard against fake reviews?

TrustedPros has gone to great lengths to ensure that fake reviews do not get through our screening process. This starts with a valid e-mail address and name (no anonymous reviews permitted) but expands well beyond this.

Each review submitted goes through a multi-step verification process, which includes actual screening by our validation team along with automated detection algorithms. In fact, over 30% of submitted reviews are rejected because they do not pass this screening.

As a further safeguard for business owners, you will be notified upon receiving a review. If you do not recognize the client name or can prove the information to be false, contest the review.

See our Review Guidelines for more details.

Can I try TrustedPros without obligation?

Of course! This is why we offer free listings for businesses that are not used to this type of service.

How much does Premium service cost?

If you pay month to month, our Premium Membership starts at $40 per month to maximum of $80 per month - depending on your service area. Those looking to get the most for their money can take advantage of our 6 or 12 month packages which offer discounts of up to $80 and $240, respectively. Please also feel free to contact us at 1-866-222-7221 or for more information about our Premium Membership options.