Who is responsible for cost of tub replacement?

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Posted by: from Westmont
1/25/2015 at 5:43:20 PM

We had a tub installed about two years ago. Last fall we noticed 2 cracks on the base of the tub that seemed to be getting longer as time went on. The contractor who installed the tub looked at it and insisted the tub was faulty.

From what I've read on the internet, these cracks most likely were the result of the sub floor not being properly prepped and reinforced before installation.

We had another contractor come out to give us an opinion and he agreed that the base of the tub seemed to have too much flex and give to it.

Is it the responsibility of the contractor to properly prep the sub floor prior to installation?

Anyway, the first contractor installed the second tub and told me he put expanding foam underneath the tub for added reinforcement. Nothing was ever mentioned by the contractor or agreed upon on our part about incurring additional costs. We just assumed he was fixing the problem and wanted to make things right.

About a month after the job was done he e-mailed us and told us we owed him additional costs for installation of the second tub, even though there was no mention of this in our final walk through. He still insists the tub was faulty while we maintain we wouldn't have needed another tub if the first one had been installed correctly.

Who is right here?


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Patrick from Kimco Contracting in Hazlet
Date/Time1/25/2015 at 8:41:11 PM

Hello Bob,

The tell tale sign that the first tub was not laid in right, was when the contractor stated, "I installed expanding foam!" The first tub was not prepared properly, so it is his responsibility to replace it. Without you incurring any additional expense.

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Emma in Seattle
Date/Time6/24/2015 at 3:24:26 AM

Hi Bob,

Cracks on the base of the tub is mostly due to improper finishing of sub floor, but in some cases there is also a probability of Manufacturer's Defect. You need to contact with your tub provider and discuss the problem with them also. Additionally, I say, it is the responsibility of the contractor to properly prepare the sub floor before the installation. I think, if it is due to improper finishing, you need not to pay any additionally expenses.


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Angel in Flroda
Date/Time6/30/2015 at 7:40:54 AM


In this case, according to me entire fault is the contractor because he doesn't know the complete procedure of installation. So in this situation, it is contractor responsibility for replacing it.

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Ruth in Baltimore
Date/Time2/17/2017 at 2:45:36 AM


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