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It's a big decision! Who should you hire to carry out your home project? Who can you trust? Who do you feel comfortable with coming into your home, and who will deliver promised quality for your money?

Ever since our founding in 2004, TrustedPros (formally HandyAmerican) has helped thousands of home and business owners find the right contractor for anything from foundation projects to roofing and everything in between; electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning...small jobs to major remodeling or building. How do we do it?

We have harnessed the power of referrals from the most trusted people in your life...your friends and neighbors. These are the people who have already hired local contractors, lived through countless remodeling and building projects and are ready to share their experiences. And they do; they rate hundreds of contractors on things you want to know. Was the contractor on budget, on time, courteous and did he or she keep you informed? Did the contractor leave your home or business clean and with the quality you expected?

At TrustedPros we've not only built a huge library of reviews, we've built a huge library of trustworthy reviews. Every single review you find on this site is rigorously screened. We take the time to make sure unscrupulous contractors are not falsely posting their own reviews. If we do find that they are, they are forbidden to use us as a reference, and we put a message on their profile that we suspect them of false activity.

Trusted Reviews and Reputable Professionals

We're really proud of the neighbors and friends who have taken the time to place honest, thoughtful reviews on this site. We're happy to have found so many professional contractors in every license and niche imaginable. In fact our success in this endeavor has made our site the one of the most trustworthy places for finding a good contractor for your remodeling, maintenance or building project, whatever it might be.

Trust and professionalism...we hope we can take the question out of who to hire.

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