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Things to Consider

Whether you are having a new home built or remodeling a room, if you need to have low-voltage wiring installed, it is usually better to have a professional contractor install the Ethernet cable, telephone wiring, or audio/video wiring. A qualified contractor will get the job done correctly, timely and at a reasonable price whether the project is for your office, home, or home office.

It is usually more favorable to hire a low-voltage contractor to perform this type of work unless you have someone you are working with who is a non-specialized installer, such as an electrician.

There are several advantages to hiring a specialized low-voltage contractor. First, their experience is specific to designing, planning and installing of low-voltage cabling and technology. Second, they have the exact tools necessary in order to do a proper job and the results are usually faster.

Additionally, while their expertise is in low-voltage wiring and technology, they will often know about lighting control systems, computer networking systems and home management systems. Plus the contractors will spend the time to show you how to use the technology, how to take care of it and will be able to help with any troubleshooting, since they were the ones to install the technology.

A drawback to using a specialist may be that the price may be higher since the specialists usually do not offer multiple job discounts. However, you may get other discounts such as the sales of the products you need installed, which may balance out the cost.

The advantages of hiring a non-specialized installer are that you may only have to deal with one company where discounts may be offered if there are multiple jobs; and the time completion may take less time if they can install at all once, such as installing both electrical and low-voltage cabling.

The drawbacks to using a non-specialized installer is that their knowledge about the specific technologies may be limited, where they could potentially install the wiring wrong or use the wrong cabling. This could result in an increased cost and increase project time. This is especially true if the problem arises after the wiring has been covered up by drywall, paint, etc.

Another drawback is that since their knowledge is limited, they will not have the experience to explain how you could use the technology or have the expertise to offer suggestions on improving your project.

Home technology has advanced a tremendous amount in the last 20 years. The possibilities of automating your home are almost limitless. You can have automatic lights, appliances, electronics, sprinklers, and pet food and watering devices.

To take advantage of this technology you need to make sure you have a professional contractor install the wiring for you voice, electric, or data systems and is the place to help you find that professional contractor.

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Hiring Trusted Professionals

Before hiring a data wiring contractor or any other service professionals we recommend reading our hiring tips.