Moisture in carpet on concrete in family room(used to be a garage)

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Posted by: from Flora
3/20/2012 at 9:50:49 PM

My family room was converted from a garage. Floor is concrete. This is some moisture coming up through the carpet in the area close to the patio doors and garage door. We are laying new carpet. I replaced the carpet approximately 8 years ago and getting ready to replace it again.

Is there a reasonable solution you can suggest for a person on a budget.

Thank you.

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Date/Time3/23/2012 at 2:03:48 PM

I would seal the floor with a high quality concrete sealer such as UGL first and don't put a carpet with jutt backing on it it's a wood by product and can easily attract black toxic mold with any moisture present or put down sleepers and pressure treated plywood so you have a air space for venting, around the doors.

I would do a visual inspection for leaks or if your too close to ground level and have the height put curbs under and pick up the doors on top to stop any water from getting under and getting in.

Good luck

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Dave in Lexington, Mo
Date/Time6/22/2014 at 2:19:41 PM

This seems like another opportunity to create an "issue" but no reasonable solution. To tell Minnesota homeowners that addiing to their living space by carpeting a basement, something that we have been doing without problems for several years is suddenly no longer acceptable.

I agree that doing a moisture test is a great way to find out what if any problems there are.

In addition to that, if there is moisture, that simply sealing the concrete before installation seems to me to be a "solution".

In addition, putting in ceramic tile is not always a solution for everyone as it is one of the most expensive floors to have installed. Then to invest in a rug so they can use the space is additional costs many can not afford. Don't forget you may have to purchase infloor heat if you truly want to be able to enjoy this space with the cold floors.

I remember years ago I heard how doctors were telling people to pull all of their carpet out and put in all hard surfaces to if they had allergies.

Then when the Lung Association built thier house, they did a study and found that dust and pollen was constantly floating through the air when there was no carpet to obsorb it causing more problems.

They also recommended the use of PTE carpets which are made up of recycled plastic. Every situation is different.

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