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Posted by: from Littleton
4/27/2009 at 8:21:49 PM

We signed a contract on 11-24-08 with Randy Grisdell and Wayne Bishop, owners of General Construction Concepts, to tear down, and rebuild a Sunroom on the back of our house at 6791 South Washington St. Centennial, CO 80122 for a total amount of $29,534. We gave them a check for the first payment of $9844.00 to start project. They completed the tear down, and demolition of the old sunroom on the house. Then they completed excavation for new foundation. They were given another check for the amount of $5,000 for pier installations and foundation poor. After foundation was poored, another check in the amount of $5,000 was given to start the frame work on the addition. After frame was built another check for the amount $5,000 was given to put up walls, roof and to shingle the roof. At this time I have given them nearly $25,000, per the contract but as of today, 4/5/09 they have more than half to do to complete the project that was signed for just less than $30,000. They still have to put up siding on the outside, run electrical, which might include new electrical service to the house, which was never disclosed to us by GCC. They have insulation, drywall and vaulted cieling to complete. They still need to put vents in the foundation for the crawl space so it can be vented, per code. A crawl space entrance needs to constructed, of which they instructed us was code and did not do per our original request through the existing crawl space and now it is too late, we have to go through the floor. Painting, texturing, and flooring needs to be completed. Windows and doors need to be installed. AC unit needs to be moved and hooked back up. New frame for front door needs to be installed, as well as, the cieling in the entrance into the house needs to be inspected and fixed. The concrete front step needs to be ripped out and repoared. All of this was in the contract that both parties signed and dated. To add to our misery, an engineer, Bob Fritz, of Fritz Engineering, is threating to put a lean on our house, because he has not been paid in full. GCC contracted him for plans and drawings on our project. Bob Fritz is still owed $700 and another $450. We have also asked GCC to provide the name and addresses of everyone who has worked on this project, so we can have them sign lein wavers, to protect us. This of course, if those people have been in fact paid. GCC is refusing to provide that information. We have kept up our end of the bargain, GCC has not and now can not complete the project, along with the possibility of a lein/s on our house, from those who have not been paid in full, even though, we have paid up to date the contract.

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Date/Time4/28/2011 at 3:47:57 PM

As a contractor myself, That is quite a job for the $30.000. I would use this as a lesson and not hire a contractor with a cheap bid, You think that it is a bargin, But look at the end result. Always get 3 bids and check references.

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Date/Time12/17/2011 at 11:02:58 AM

How has this nightmare turned out? Did they finish? Or are you in litigation? Sorry to hear this.

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