Cultured Marble to Drywall???

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Posted by: from Watertown
12/17/2012 at 10:20:17 AM

Cultured Marble to Drywall???

Hi All,

A couple of years ago we had a shower installed to replace an old leaky tub. The contractor did a good job but failed to caulk around the exterior. Not sure why but I'm not an expert and didn't even notice.

Before I complete the caulking myself, I wanted to glue one piece more securely to the wall. It is a little loose and I think it should be firmly glued to the wall before I caulk. The piece (see pictures) is cultured marble and it is glued to a piece of drywall which itself is probably glued to our joined cinder block wall (semi-detached home).

What should be used?

I plan to just put it in behind the cultured marble slab and put pressure against it until the glue sets (probably my arm, so a quick set would be ideal).

Does anyone have any advice other than calling in a professional?

Also, I'm not too concerned about mold or rot. It has only been two years, the space is small and it is really high up. Only steam would get in and we do have ventilation in the bathroom. Plus, pulling the piece off the wall is beyond my abilities :-)

Thank you in advance,


cultured marble to drywall???
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Patrick from Kimco Contracting in Hazlet
Date/Time12/17/2012 at 11:14:02 AM

Hello Ron,

If there is a loose tile, it is far better to have it removed, cleaned and replaced for proper and long term repair. I would consider a professional, only if you feel it is to much the job. Putting a band-aid on it, will not last as long as you want it to.

Remember "Murphy's Law", what can go wrong will and just patching and not repairing can cost huge in the end.

Best of luck to you though.


Patrick Flanagan

Kimco Contracting

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Date/Time12/17/2012 at 12:12:28 PM

Good Morning Ron,

Looking at the information that you gave us, I see that you said it is a slab, if it was small enough to take out, it would be better, but having a slab and by looking at the picture and it looks like the crack is at the top and not all the way down, you can use ECO Bond Kitchen & Bath Adhesive.

What you need to do take a utility knife cut out all the all caulking where the problem is and fill the void with the ECO Bond, wipe the extra adhesive that comes out, then let dry for a day, then go over with GE Tub and Tile caulk, this should work.

Thank you,

Gene Kelly

Key Essential Property Management LLC

Merrimack NH, 03054

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Date/Time12/17/2012 at 8:57:44 PM

Do not no how heavy the piece is, however try liquid nail and use duct tape to hold piece in place until liquid nail is dry (about 24 hrs).

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MJ Salese Construction in Bangor
Date/Time12/18/2012 at 9:09:46 AM

Looking at the picture it seems as though the slab of marble did not adhere in the top right corner of your drywall, which was originally caused by your previous contractor not using the propper gauge trowl when installing the slab which created a void and if ignored will only get worst over time.

This looks like a heavy piece of marble and something I would not recomend trying to fix yourself. In my opinion you should get a local tile setter and have him evaluate what needs to be done.

As steam makes its way in to small cracks and crevises, the water droplets will find it's way down. I can gaurantee your substrate is dammaged if the materials were not moisture resistand.

Take a quarter or back of a screw driver and tap on the marble, if it sounds solid your ok, however if it sounds loose you have a problem and call in a professional to give an expert opinion.

Also have a vent installed, this will only prevent further dammage to your paint, drywall, wall paper etc.

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