Boot them or work with them?

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Posted by: from Fort Wayne
2/20/2009 at 8:41:21 PM

After a terrible water leak from frozen pipes, I am having my kitchen and and enclosed back porch redone. My insurance company has approved $16,000 for the restoration and mitigation. A local water damage mitigation company is the general contractor on the reconstruction. I agreed to this because they did a good job on the mitigation. Now I'm dealing with a sub-contractor they have hired to do the drywall replacement, plaster scraping and skimcoating, painting, installation of new kitchen cabinets, replacement of paneling, etc. Since they started, they have done a sloppy job on the scraping and skimcoating - I had to mark more than a dozen places where they hadn't scraped the loose paint and the skim coat had lifted the paint loose. Then, when they primed the walls, they didn't brush or wipe the drywall dust off the walls before priming. They put such a thin coat of primer on, that when I ran my hand over the wall, my hand was covered in drywall dust. Now, after one thin coat of paint they think they are done painting, yet I can still see the primer through the paint. On the enclosed back porch they replaced pegboard paneling. They put so few screws in the paneling that it bows everywhere, and they covered the window with the paneling. After 3 weeks have not cut out the window.

They also had to scrape and repaint cupboards in the basement which they did, but they painted the outsides of the cupboards latches, hinges and all - while closed - and left them closed. After ruining the paint on the hinges and latches to get the cupboards open, I discovered that the inside edges of the cupboard bases are filled with drip marks. I'm truly not making this up! (The cupboards in the basement are old hand made 2x4 plank cupboards, not factory-made cabinets, but they are rock solid and very functional for a basement.)

I have stopped work on this restoration. Should I kick them off the job and find a new contractor? I have pictures of the work. (The picture of the peg-board paneling over the window is hilarious) I don't know how to deal with this. The construction supervisor from this company just keeps making excuses for these guys.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Freddie from Primary Builders in Arlington
Date/Time5/11/2009 at 1:59:22 PM

Thats a difficult decision to make. " do i stop production of a job i want done or do i settle for a job im already not happy with" Ultimately its on the G.C.'s shoulders to make sure the job is going towardsd the customers satisfaction, so if all youre getting is excuses and the run-around, then by all means tell them its time for them to run for the hills, We (contractors) deal with different personalities all the time, but one thing we cant overlook is the homeowners satisfaction in our work on "THIER" home

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