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Oklahoma Roof Works & Sheet Metal, LLC

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Company Overview

Oklahoma Roof Works & Sheet Metal, LLC is a family owned and operated full service. We are an Oklahoma City roofing & sheet metal company backed by over a decade of superior customer service, quality workmanship, and a breadth of satisfied clients. Our Oklahoma Roofer solutions offer Commercial Roof Systems, Residential Roof Systems, Leak Repairs & Maintenance Programs, Emergency Response Service, and Sheet Metal Fabrication.


Services Offered

Commercial Remodeling

Oklahoma City sheet metal fabrication is the manipulation of metal to create any type of component that will be used in an end product. In sheet metal fabrication, several processes are used to reach an end product. These include cutting, forming, and finishing.


Most Oklahoma City roofing companies only think about selling you a roof…we want to sell you a solution. As a full service roofing and restoration firm, we provide professional roof design, installation, and compete project management for residential and commercial property owners.

Location and Coverage Area

Address: 8200 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73114 | Service area: 200M

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: No Legal structure: Incorporated

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: Yes Year started: 2001

Offers financing: No Employees: 3

Main Contact(s): Jett Mckay

Licensing Information: Contact Oklahoma Roof Works & Sheet Metal, LLC to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact Oklahoma Roof Works & Sheet Metal, LLC to request insurance details.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

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