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Nahun Painting & Remodeling

713-263-1825EmailLocated in: Houston
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Services Offered

Drywalling, Home Restoration, House Cleaning, Painting, Siding

Location and Coverage Area

Address: 6506 Thornwall St, Houston TX 77092 | Service area: 20M

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: No Legal structure: Sole Proprietor

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: No Year started: 2003

Offers financing: No Employees: 4 Other contact: Norma Ortiz

Main Contact(s): Nahun Delgado, Norma Ortiz

Licensing Information: Contact Nahun Painting & Remodeling to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact Nahun Painting & Remodeling to request insurance details.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

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