Choose a Tree Service Carefully; Avoid Risky Situations

Have Trees? Chances are You Will Need Tree Service at Some Point

One aspect of owning a home frequently overlooked is the need for a professional tree service. Having trees arranged in a yard or landscape design is highly desirable; nearly every home has trees of some kind or another.

It is a given fact that if your yard has trees, sooner or later you will need tree services of some type; including tree removal, stump removal, a tree trimming service, or even consultation with a tree nursery and services about diseased or dying trees.

Tree removal cost is frequently high. One reason why homeowners attempt to trim or self remove trees that were planted too close to a structure, and are now hulking over their home. Tree removal and tree trimming can be dangerous activities if not properly done. That 100-year-old oak could very well end up on the living room floor; or even worse - on top of a person.

Avoid Bad Situations

By enlisting the services of an experienced professional, homeowners can avoid:

  • Trees planted too close to structures and utility lines; requiring trimming or removal to avoid damage to buildings or wires.
  • Unnecessary damage to structures; bodily injury or death from improper tree trimming removal techniques, or lack of necessary tree removal equipment.
  • Untimely death of diseased trees, whether due to lack of treatment or improper treatment methods.
  • Lawsuits resulting from damage to adjoining homeowner's property when improperly removing or trimming trees.
  • Unsightly stumps left behind after removing a tree.
  • Unnecessary storm damage from falling trees or branches; caused by diseased or dying trees.

Choose Your Tree Service Professional Carefully

When hiring a tree removal service, whether for tree and stump removal services, or simply to effectively treat diseased trees, prudent homeowners will follow these guidelines:

  • A reliable and experienced tree service company will provide a detailed estimate outlining what services will be provided. They will not object to a written contract with exact details of tree limbing or removal services that will be performed, time frame for beginning and completion, and exact costs involved.
  • Verify the liability and workmen's compensation insurance coverage of the tree contractor by phone with his provider. Tree trimming/removal is dangerous work. A reputable tree removal service will have more than adequate coverage; not only for possible damage to your property, but your neighbor's as well.
  • Establish in the contract what provisions are made in the event of a mishap. Downed utility lines require involvement with the power company to cut power at the nearest transformer, to enable safe repair of wires. And a licensed electrician is required to address any wires pulled loose at the entry to the structure. Establish ahead of time how any damage to the structure will be addressed.
  • Thoroughly check references; those provided by the tree contractor, as well as word-of-mouth around the community.

When the Tree is Gone, Don't be “Stumped” by the Leftovers

When removing dead or unwanted trees from your property, the last step of the project is getting rid of the stump. A professional tree service not only will know how to remove tree stump eyesores, but will possess the necessary tree stump removal equipment for the job. This may include a tree stump remover, a tree stump grinder, or necessary items for chemical tree stump removal.

There are basically three methods of effective tree stump removal:

Grinding - One of the most common methods used, performed by a professional tree service using a tree stump grinder. This is by far the most expensive option; homeowners can frequently rent a grinder to perform the task themselves. However, rental is also quite expensive.

Manual removal - This may be the least expensive method of stump removal, but it is also very labor-intense. Use a mattock; the broad end digs around the tree roots. Once adequately exposed, the other end of the mattock is used to chop through them. The idea is to get through and under the root ball, and expose the tap root for removal. Larger tap roots can pose a stubborn task; one requiring the use of a standard axe to get the job done.

Chemical removal - The easiest way to accomplish stump removal. However, it may require a substantial amount of time and patience. The stump should be cut as close to the ground and level as possible, while avoiding damage to the chainsaw. Use a wide drill bit, such as a wood boring bit (which resembles a paddle with a spike in the middle). Drill numerous holes in the stump as deep as possible; the more holes drilled, the higher the effectiveness of chemical application into the stump.

Fill the holes with water, followed by a high nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilizers have an NPK ratio number designated on the bag or container. A number with a high first number will have the highest concentration of nitrogen; 45-00-00 is a straight nitrogen fertilizer.

Patience is the next ingredient, as this method takes months to break down the tree stump. Keeping the area thoroughly wet will speed up the process. By covering the area with a plastic tarp or sheet plastic, the stump will be easier to keep moist.

Put mulch on top of the tarp; such as tree bark, hay, or compost. Keep the mulch wet; add stones or bricks for additional weight if wind is a problem. Remember this procedure takes a long time - depending upon many factors; health of tree, type of chemicals used, amount of chemicals used, stump size, level of humidity, climate, etc. Periodically adding more water under the tarp will keep the process moving.

Locate a Reliable Local Professional

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