3 Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Many homeowners are making the move to solar panels. Whether on the roof or in the yard, residential solar panel installations are becoming much more common. If you are considering a solar set up in your yard there are three major factors to you'll need to think about. Design and install the system that suits your home and lifestyle best.

How Many Panels Do You Need?

Based on the electrical consumption of your household, you need to decide how many panels will be installed. Since solar panels are modular you can always add more later as your electrical needs rise or as you gain confidence in the system.

There's wisdom in starting small and expanding over time. This strategy helps with budgeting and allows you to build up to a point where all of your electrical needs are taken care of. You also need to be sure that your battery system will store the electricity generated and that the wiring is stable and durable, ready to deliver the electricity to where it's needed.

What Is the Best Location?

The roof seems like the most obvious choice, but you need to make sure that the panels are placed in direct sunlight. Make sure there are no trees or other buildings in the way. If the roof does work best, then make sure it is well supported and can handle the weight of solar panels.

Other locations include the top of a shed or garage and, on a sizable property, solar panels can be installed on stands set up in the yard. The location should be chosen based on exposure to the sun. The ability for the location to support the panels is also important, but bracing and strength can be added to bolster the panels should that location be the best choice.

Will You Hire a Contractor or DIY This Project?

Depending on the size of your solar panels this may be a project you can handle yourself. Smaller systems installed in the yard or on an accessible part of your roof make for a great DIY job. Get yourself a thorough guide that will walk you through the process and troubleshoot possible problems. If the roof is high and dangerous, or if your system is expansive and complicated, it's likely a good idea to call a contractor.

The cost of professional installation scares some away, but if you don't feel confident in your own ability to install the panels it is a much better value and will be ensure they are done right. Compare the products as well, since you may get a lower quality product with a DIY package and this is not the project where you can skimp on quality.

Solar panels are gaining in popularity and are a wise installation for today's families. Install the right amount of panels based on your electricity needs and the storage level of the battery. Choose the optimum location based on exposure to the sun and decide whether this will be a DIY project or not. These considerations will allow you to install the system that will help you best look after the needs of your family while enjoying all the benefits of solar panels.

Posted by: diana
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