Important Considerations to Think About Before Starting a Siding Project

Your home will be graced with a whole new look when you take on a siding project. Upgrade the existing siding or replace damaged pieces and create a streamlined, clean appearance for your home again. There are some things to think about before you jump into this project though, including important safety structural and maintenance issues.

Take the time to plan well and consider all the elements of your siding project.

Siding Comes in Many Types

The size and scope of siding repairs and replacement projects is often dictated by the type of siding you're working with. Wood and aluminum siding can be spruced up with paint or stain, but if your vinyl siding is looking old and worn your best bet is replacement.

Maintenance is an important option to consider when choosing a siding type. If what you have on your home is too much maintenance or too little charm, installing another type may be the answer. Wood can be a lot of work compared to vinyl, but has considerably more warmth and character. Or maybe you are looking at the new fiber cement siding products that provide a look of distinction but still come with limits. Choose a style that best suits your maintenance habits.

Damaged Area

If you have experienced wind or weather damage on your home the siding is likely to have taken a beating. To get a feel for how much needs to be replaced you need to gauge the existing condition of the siding and the framing and structure around the damage. Certain types of siding are easier to replace than others. You can swap wood siding piece by piece until the damage is repaired, but with aluminum and vinyl panels, more may need to be done in order to end up with a nice finish.

Consider Safety First

Installing siding on a two story home requires the right equipment and safety procedures. Scaffolding will need to be brought in and tie offs used to prevent falls. Never work alone and always have at least one spotter on the ground while you are working at a height.

Stay off of the scaffolding and any ladders when the wind and weather are not cooperating. Even a small gust can cause a dangerous situation and rain can make this equipment slippery. Also remember to keep the tools you will need nearby to avoid unnecessary trips up and down the ladder.

Handle With Care

Whether you need to snip and trim your vinyl or aluminum siding or cut your wood siding with a saw blade, there are certain handling procedures. Be sure you have the proper safety equipment - including gloves and protective eye wear and use common sense. Watch out for splinters and sharp edges created while you're cutting and trimming the siding pieces to fit.

Fiber cement siding contains chemicals and composites that should be handled with care. It may be best to call in a professional who can use their training specific to this product and allow you to avoid any dangerous situations and conditions.

Your siding project may be large or small, but it will still require planning and know how to be successful.

Think through all of the aspects of your siding project, including the limitations of your particular type of siding, the scope of the project, how to handle and install the product safely and what to look for underneath. All of these considerations will guide you towards a solid, quality siding project. Decide which is the best type of siding for your application and understand the limitations and conditions that siding places on the project. Always practice full safety procedures when cutting and installing siding pieces, taking special care to have someone help you. Take your time and do it well. Many siding projects are DIY and all will create a clean new look for your homes exterior when done right.

Posted by: diana
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