Comparing Vinyl Siding to Aluminum Siding

Siding is an affordable and smart way to finish the exterior of your home. It is often used in conjunction with brick or on its own to create a clean, low maintenance look. Although both will provide that attractive finish, there are major differences between vinyl siding and aluminum siding that both draw and deter customers. Have a look at those differences before you make your decision one way or the other.

Examine the Durability

Siding is made to withstand the climate your home is exposed to. All types of siding are designed to be durable, however when comparing vinyl to aluminum the former comes out on top. Standard vinyl siding is thicker than the standard for aluminum lines - 5/100ths of an inch as compared to only 2/100ths of an inch.

This allows for a stronger covering on your walls, making them more resistant to rain, hail and the bumps, scratches and wear that is bound to happen. Many homeowners find that aluminum siding scratches easily and dents even easier, although it is not as prone to cracking with major temperature swings like vinyl can be.

Vinyl will expand and contract with the temperature, which means it is important that the right fasteners are used. Many contractors use nails as opposed to screws since nails are more flexible and adaptable to the swelling common in siding products.

Examine the Flexibility

While vinyl may prove to be more durable over the surface of your wall, aluminum has the flexibility necessary for door and windows trims. Aluminum trim is often used with vinyl siding due to aluminum's ability to fit tightly around bends and corners. Contractors can easily shape aluminum pieces and create 90 degree corners that are both attractive and strong.

Examine the Safety

You need to look at the manufacturing process in order to assess the safety of each product. While both vinyl and aluminum require that the proper safety procedures be handled during installation, aluminum is considered a safer option due to its fire resistance. Because vinyl is made of PVC, a petroleum-based product, it is not fire resistant and emits highly toxic fumes when burning.

Examine the Cost

Price is where vinyl siding really shines. Because it is so much more affordable than aluminum (or any other siding options), vinyl is a popular option for new builds and when a siding replacement project is necessary. Aluminum may be comparable to wood siding or stucco, but even top quality vinyl siding is less expensive. Add in the fact that there is zero maintenance required with vinyl siding and many homeowners see a clear winner.

When combined with brick finish on your home, the cost difference between aluminum and vinyl siding may be insignificant. It's up to each homeowner to decide whether the added investment is worth it for the tighter fitting, safer alternative that aluminum siding offers.

Two of the most popular options for exterior home finishing are vinyl siding and aluminum siding. While vinyl is more durable and less expensive, aluminum still offers a safer alternative that can produce a tight fit on every angle of your home. Have a look at both alternatives before making up your mind and be sure to have an experienced contractor install your product of choice.

Posted by: diana
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