Why a Spring Roofing Inspection Is So Important

The snow is melting away and the spring flowers are pushing their way through the wet mud. What we have longed for through the cold months of January and February is almost here and along with the spring season comes all sorts of household repairs. A spring roofing inspection is something that every homeowner needs to schedule in order to get a handle on the condition of his or her roof and get a jump on any necessary repairs.

Does this inspection need to happen every year? And what should you expect from the professional roofer performing this service for you?

Scheduling Your Roofing Inspection

Spring is one of the best times of the year for a roofing inspection because of the potential damage that occurs throughout the winter. Snow piles, ice dams and puddles of melted precipitation can have a seriously negative effect on shingles and roofing materials of all sorts.

You may see cracked shingles from the ground, or curled shingles, damaged flashing and dented eaves from the porch, but only a thorough inspection by an industry professional will allow you to properly assess the condition of this area. Water leakage into your attic is a serious problem and catching problems with your shingles before that happens is a smart move.

It's also a good idea to schedule this inspection in each year since every winter carries the same potential for damage. Wind, snow, sleet and freezing temperatures all create conditions that can cause the deterioration of your shingles faster than you think and skipping even one year can result in a much higher repair bill should a problem arise.

What Will the Roofer Do During An Inspection?

Many professional roofing companies offer an inspection service. For a minimal charge they will do a circuit inspection of the roof from the ground. From that point the roofer will go up and do a closer inspection of the shingles and structure, which can take anywhere from an hour to much more, depending on the size of our home. Some roofers will also go into your attic or loft space to have a look at the underside of the roof.

They may take pictures and may even be able to show you the extent of the damage, again depending on the layout of your roof. Be sure to ask any questions you have and get a detailed description of the problem should any repairs be needed.

Look for a roofer with plenty of experience and a good track record in business. The local BBB chapters are a great place to start this search, as are word of mouth recommendations. You don't necessarily need to have the inspecting company do the work and getting a few different quotes can help you make the best choice. Whomever you choose, make sure the contractor has trained workers and a solid warranty.

Roofing inspections should be done every spring to ensure that the harsh conditions of the following winter have not left your shingles or roofing damaged. Catching a problem early can result in serious savings and help to stave off further damage from leaks and loose or worn shingles. Contact a local roofing contractor and book your spring inspection today.

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