Simple Ways to Save Money Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Roofing and roof repair are big projects that can take a big chunk out of your wallet. The removal and disposal costs can add up and you need qualified, trained laborers to take on the dangerous work of installation. Roofing materials themselves range widely in price, but unless you're doing a small section with easy access, a roofing project will have a substantial price tag.

Save Money by Comparing Quotes

It pays to get multiple quotations on your roofing project, preferably from three reputable, highly recommended contractors. Compare them side by side, going over the details of each quote and making sure that the roofing contractors priced out the same job using materials of a similar quality.

Compare other elements of the quote besides the price. What is the warranty offered? Are there any environmental charges included or will those be tacked on at the end? Watch for costs detailed on one quote and not mentioned on another - ask and get the information out in the open.

DIY to Save

When scanning through the quotes note any charges that you may be able to negotiate or eliminate entirely. Maybe it's possible to remove the shingles yourself or take charge of the disposal. Some contractors will give you a deal for doing so; others will simply enjoy a larger profit margin. Ask, don't assume.

Cheapest Quote Doesn't Always Equal Lowest Cost

Always consider the big picture when tackling large home improvement projects. If you choose the cheapest price without taking all things into consideration, you may end up with the lowest quality job and spend more money bringing your roof up to par.

Warranty is another issue. Hire an established contractor to protect yourself from fly by night companies that will do shabby work and disappear once you've paid the bill. Not to say that the cheapest quotes are automatically inclined this way, but it helps to understand that truly established businesses have additional costs that may push their prices higher.

Always ask whether the roofing contractor is licensed and fully insured. This will protect you from litigation and all the costs that are associated with that should an accident or injury occur.

Materials Make a Difference to Cost

The type and grade of material you choose for your roofing project will undoubtedly make a difference to the cost. Opt for shingles that suit your needs. If you won't be living in the house for an extended period of time, brands with a 15-year lifespan can save you money over those with 20 or 25-year longevity.

On the other hand it may save money over the long term to invest in something extremely durable like metal roofing. This product has a larger outlay in the beginning, but with a long life that requires very little maintenance, metal roofing can pay for itself over time. Some types of metal roofing can also be installed over top of the existing shingles, shaving off the costs for removal and disposal.

When looking for a reasonably priced roofing project, start by comparing at least three different quotes. Go over the details and find out whether you can do any portion of the project yourself to save costs. Choose a product that will provide the durability and quality that you need and think long term. Hire an established firm and make sure they are licensed and insured for full protection of your home and wallet. You can save money hiring a roofing contractor and still end up with a solid structure to protect your home and family.

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